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Fresh START Planning Committee 2010

The Few, The Proud, The Awesome Fresh START Planning Committee! We plan year around for Penn State's largest day of community service for first year students!

Carolyn Higgins

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Fresh START Planning Committee 2010

We started as individuals Smiles Laughs Stories SHARING Guiding you along Watching intently We got this
figured out! One step at a time... Together we brainstormed Which way now? Aiming steady For our goals We ARE Awesome in blindfolds Taking a break Reaching For the * Stars * You got it! Pondering our next move Smiling all the time Giving directions
for the WIN! Stretch Strech a bit more We are holding on tight Closer A bit more Success Welcome to Earth Day! Watching it come together Explaining to others Newspaper can be beautiful One 19 directors strong FS Family yay! Fresh STARTers! Have a great Summer!
:) Earth Day Hugs all around Trees are meant
to be hugged Beads Globes Fresh STARTs Newspaper Reuse, please! Glue Team Leader Training Bonding Friendship Leadership Together It's Fresh START time!
Wake-up, please Wait a minute...I got an idea
Let's try boots/shoes! "The Mediators" Great Team Work! AND Stay ROOTED "because it's the Penn Stater thing to do!"
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