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Why do people speak different languages?

No description

Rovic Quinones

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Why do people speak different languages?

According to the bible, found in the book of Genesis, everyone spoke the same language. Then because those people banded together to build something in Babylon that has glorified their achievements, instead of representing their God(also called deity) the tower was named Babel, so God punished them. He ensured that everyone had to speak different languages so they would never be able to work together again to dishonor God ever again.
Why we have different languages.
I wonder why everyone speaks a different
language like French, Thai, Japanese, English, Czech, Filipino(Tagalog),
Hindi, Italian(etc.). Why can't we just live in a world of people that just
speak the same language as everyone so we can all understand
whatever their saying?
Why do people speak different languages?
Do we speak
different languages so that we don't live in a boring world where we
only speak 1 language and understand everything, in a world full of
ease droppers
Is this the reason why?
Sometimes people get annoyed whenever they
hear someone speaking their language and when they get home and
they hear their parents speaking your language their fine with it.
Why do people do this?
Why do people speak different languages?
Yes it's
kind of cool when you know different languages but why do we need to
know how to speak the language isn't 1 language just fine?
It is but why?
This happens to almost everyone.
we speak bad about other people behind their backs and they won't
know what you're saying, and so that's a bad thing.
Also different languages have have a similar language like Filipino(Tagalog) and Spanish, some words are: kamusta, sapatos the meanings are hello, and shoes.
Similar words
More facts!
Another theory is that it
started as tribes and then we have developed languages independently.
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