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Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

The first book in the Harry Potter series, this gives you a scene from the book, but redefined

Geoff Merchanr

on 4 June 2010

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Transcript of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHERS STONE The Journey from Platform 9 3/4 Harry's journey to Hogwarts starts off when he goes to King's Cross Station and catches the Hogwarts Express to Hogwarts. When Harry first arrives at King's Cross he doesn't know where to find Platform 9 3/4. He asks a Station Guard and this is their Conversation;

Harry: Excuse me sir, can you tell me where I might find Platform Nine and Three-Quarters?

Station Guard: Nine and Three-Quarters? Think you're being funny do ya?

[muttering to himself]
Station Guard: Nine and Three-Quarters!
Mystefied Harry turns around to hear a woman saying;

"Every year packed with muggles..."
"Come on...Platform 9 3/4 this way" Harry turns around and follows the woman towards a platform she then speaks to her children telling the eldest to run through a seemingly solid wall. The boy disappeared and Harry was shocked. Two boys then both went through the wall and disappeared. Harry had had enough he walked over to the woman and asked her how to get onto the platform He is nervous as he asks the lady, but she seems so nice that Harry doesn't feel so nervous. He finds out that her son is also going to Hogwarts for the first time. She tells Harry just to run straight at the wal between platforms 9 and 10 Harry looks at her in shock. Harry swallows and turns to face the wall. He starts sprinting directly at the wall and goes right through it into platform 9 3/4. Everything around him seems like something out of a story the Bright Red Hogwarts Express is glistening and hooting while children and parents rush around getting together for their last goodbyes. On the train The Lady from the station's son comes in and sits next to Harry. He tells Harry his name is ron and that it's his first time at Hogwarts. Harry tells him that it's his first time as well. Ron looks at Harry and then gasps.

"You're Harry Potter!!"
"Do you really have the scar?"

Harry shows him the scar and Ron exclaims;

"WICKID!" about half an hour into the train ride an elderly lady comes around with a trolley asking if anyone would like something to eat off the trolley. Harry takes the lot and gives the lady his money. He and Ron then start talking about the Wizarding world as they eat Harry's food. Ron tells Harry that his entire family is made up of wizards and witches. Just as Harry was in the middle of telling Ron about his life a boy named Neville enters and asks them if they've seen his toad. Ron and Harry shake their heads and Neville sighs and walks away. Harry finishes his story and Ron asks him if he wants to see some magic. Of course Harry agrees, but as soon as Ron starts a girl walks into the room asking if anyone has seen Neville's toad the boys tell her they haven't seen it and she then says:

"Oh doing magic i see?" "Mind if I watch?"
Ron casts his spell muttering these words:

"Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow,
Turn this stupid, fat rat yellow."
Nothing happens and Rons rat continues to sleep the girl says:
"Are you sure that's a real spell?" "Well, if it is..It's not very good is it?" She looks at HArry for a minute and then says:

"Holy Cricket, You're HArry POtter!" She acknowledges Ron by saying:

"And...You are?"

"Ron Weasly" says Ron

She tells them to change into their robes as they are arriving soon. And that is the end of the journey from platform 9 3/4
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