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Senior Parent Meeting

No description

Laurie Molis

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Senior Parent Meeting

Senior Parent Meeting
September 29, 2014

Why should you join?

1. Students and Parents: It supports YOUR school

2. Parents: It gives you a voice to influence your child's education

3. Students: Scholarships - student membership at local campuses are required for ANY PTA or PTSA related scholarships. (In the event of a tie, the scholarship committee looks at previous years' membership rosters and awards bonus points for each year of membership in grades 9-12.)

PTSA President: Melanie Pav

A-G Office
Assistant Principal: Sterling Scott
Counselors: Jenny Brockway* and Ruby Stanley
Administrative Assistant: Jo Nora Mallory
Contact: 512-464-6044

H-0 Office
Assistant Principal: Kehinde Olowoeye
Counselors: Melissa Brooks and Nina Montemayor*
Administrative Assistant: Maria Hernandez*
Contact: 512-464-6056

P- Z Office
Assistant Principal: Laurie Molis
Counselors: Kay Jones and Mary Ellen Kiely
Administrative Assistant: Nancy Enriquez*
Contact: 512-464-6061

* denotes a Spanish speaker

Principal: Natalie Nichols
Contact: Tona Boerst 512-464-6011

Associate Principal: Jayson Jernt
Contact: Charlotte Pickett 512-464-6230

Lead Counselor: Kathy Hernandez*
Contact: Vernice Martinez* 512-464-6021

Registrar: Kathy Hatcher
Assistant Registrar: Michelle Kinsler 512-464-6053

Nurse: Cindy Scott
Nurse Assistant: JoAnn Ehlinger 512-464-6080

Attendance: Vicky Sulaica 512-464-6051
Attendance/Receptionist: Pamela Bolsins 512-464-6175
Attendance Officer: Robin Mantia 512-464-6023

H.S. Completion Specialist: Diane Wills 512-464-6293

Website Links on the RRHS website
Link from RRHS website

Main office: 512-464-6000
Direct extension from RRHS website

Parking Permits
Alpha Assistant Principal Office
Bring: insurance card, license plate number, registration signed by parent, student driver's license, $25

Parking Tickets
A-G Office - Jo Nora Mallory

Registrar: Kathy Hatcher
Assistant Registrar: Michelle Kinsler
Allow 2 working days for processing


Next PSAT: October 16 (All Juniors and Sophomores)
Next ACT: October 27
Next SAT: October 5 and November 2

For the most current information on testing dates and procedures go to the Round Rock High School website.

Information is located under the "College and Guidance link."

Fee waivers are available for qualifying students.
Career Cruising

No cost
How it helps
Career and interest search
Resume builder
College search
Major Search
Practice SAT/ACT tests
and much more!
More information: www.careercruising.com

4.0 vs 5.0 GPA
4.0 is calculated with all state credits
5.0 is calculated with core subjects and foreign language

Current GPA/class ranks were available in August 2013

New GPA will be calculated in the Spring semester (January 2013)

Class Rank is determined using a 5.0 GPA

Colleges will be looking at the GPA/class rank beginning and throughout the Junior year
Dual Credit courses are available now!
Many out-of-state universities will accept Texas Community College credits

Apply Texas
100 public and private 2 and 4 year institutions utilize Apply Texas
Be sure to save your user name and password for future use
Start filling out the information now

Dual Credit Courses

Prerequistes apply
Enrolled in RRHS and ACC simultaneously
List of classes is available in the course catalog
Minimum grades are required for RRISD credit
Transcripts must be turned into the counselor and registrar
Does not count on GPA or class rank
No cost to student or parent
Limited of 2 classes per semester
Talk with the counselor for more information
In order to qualify a student must be identified as college ready by getting one of the following
SAT score of 1070 or higher (minimum of 500 on CR and math)
ACT composite score of 23 or higher (at least a 19 on math and English)
PSAT score of 107 (at least 50 on CR and math)
Compass or Asset Test: College Assessment Test

Focus on:
1. Creating a culture of inclusion in which
all RR Dragons feel welcome, valued
and respected.
2. Building cultural awareness.
3. Talk About It
4. Leadership
5. Community
6. An activity for everyone!

Panoramic Picture: Monday Nov. 11, 2013 (6th period)

Prom: April 26, 2014, Shoal Crossing Event Center ($50)

GRADUATION: May 31, 2014 at 5:00pm
Students will ride buses for RRHS
-Meet at RRHS at 3:00pm
-Take cap and gown (do not wear, just bring)
-No purses, cell phones, cameras
Parents may ride buses

Cost: $70
Senior ads due by Nov. 29
Expected delivery is May 2014
Check RRHS website for updates

Cap and Gown

Keep it Digital

Mike McLennan

Digital photos
Digital documents

Proud Dragon Parents

What is Project Graduation?

How can you become involved?
Heather Holt

• Library and textbooks returned

• Uniforms and equipment returned

• ACC transcripts must be sent to RRHS registrar
by Monday May 19th

• Grades and TAKS

• Attendance – no makeup hours

5+ unexcused absences = denied credit

See Assistant Principal for a plan

• Oct 21st ELA
• Oct 22nd Math
• Oct 23rd Science
• Oct 24th Social Studies
• Week of March 3rd
• Week of April 21st
• Week of July 7th

• Admission
– Apply early; complete all portions at and SUBMIT!
Students will be working on this Oct 16th
! Bring SSN#
have essays & resume ready
have payment ready if necessary
– Give yourself a Halloween Deadline to meet some Nov 1, 2013 Scholarship deadlines.
– Check individual colleges for application, dorm and scholarship deadlines

• Apply for FAFSA pin anytime

• SAT and/or ACT - Keep your options open

RRISD strongly recommends all seniors complete an
APPLY TEXAS application

Go to – copy to other 2 or 4 year
schools – possible fee

Request transcript from registrar ($3)

ACC College Connection – See Ms. Munoz in Room 134

Complete mandatory online pre-advising

• Application and pre-advising at RRHS
See Mrs. Munoz in Room 134
Any 2nd and 4th Tuesday in the morning.

• TSI test administered on campus in February 19 and 20
1 FREE full or partial test based on TAKS, ACT, SAT test exemptions
Transfers to other state colleges
Required for all State colleges and Universities

• Advisors available same day (Kathy James)

• Free - Nov 25th on our campus
• Sign up with Mrs. Martinez by Nov. 1
• Career aptitude test
• Required by military if planning to enlist or do ROTC in college
• Recruiters may talk to students who take the test, but there is no
commitment to the military if taken

• Official Transcripts ᾶ Required by all colleges and universities.
$3.00 each (pre-paid)
Order from Registrar’s office (use card)
Allow 2 business days to process
Students will pick up and mail these on their own or may be sent directly.

• Order and pay for FINAL copy in April or May
Mailed out when the transcript is complete (June 2014)
Please provide school address(es)
All colleges require an official final transcript

• Login: RRHS (case sensitive)

• Password: roundrock

• Follow bullets for student portfolio login

• Go to to register and log into your student’s account
after an email invite from them. Need code.

• Do career assessments and searches, school searches, financial aid, scholarship searches,
build a resume, save files (10MB), find helpful links and much more!!

• Financial Aid help: February– look for announcement on website

• College visits- allowed 2 – completed form required

• College representatives visit information is updated
frequently- check counseling page on RRHS website for updates

• Turn in all scholarships awarded to counseling office for
recognition at the Senior Awards Ceremony

• Students should also report which college they are attending to
Mrs. Martinez in the main office

• See the 2013-14 College Career Handbook on the RRISD website
under Guidance & Counseling

• Watch their grades! Colleges can and will revoke an acceptance offer if the
grades fall drastically.

• Encourage to take SAT / ACT if not already done

• Complete application for admission at
for public and private universities/colleges and community college, as well as
technical institutions (Check private universities to make sure which
application process to use)

• FAFSA (pin and application after filing tax return)

• Keep all application information in one place, including usernames and passwords

• It should not cost money to apply
• You have been selected῀ when you didn't ask to be selected
• You are a winner!῀ but didn't enter any contests
• You are guaranteed a scholarship, no one can guarantee you will be
awarded money
• Fee to fill out the FAFSA
• No scholarships should require any fees.

• One application
• Available on the RRHS webpage - due January 10, 2014
• PTSA scholarships require membership
• Many scholarships based on community service initiative
• Winners are recognized at the Senior Award Ceremony on May 19, 2014

• RRHS website - College & Guidance – College Info – Scholarships

• Also, use the financial aid tab found under the “school” tab on Career Cruising

• Fastweb.com, zinch.com, cappex.com

• More links found on Career Cruising portfolio page

TAKS: math 2200, ELA 2200, Writing 3+
SAT: math 500, reading 500, comp 1070
ACT: math 19, English 19, comp 23A

Free through ACC College Connection
offered in early Spring on our campus,
or anytime at ACC

ACC representative, Erica Munoz is on
campus every 2nd and 4th Tuesday for

• Get pin anytime

Tax return MUST be completed prior to applying
Priority deadline is March
Applicants will use FAFSA-IRS data retrieval process
Those who choose NOT to use FAFSA-IRS data retrieval process will be subject to lengthy verification process
Receive SAR (Student Aid Report) which contains EFC (Expected Family Contribution)
Cost of College – EFC = Financial Aid $
Usually grants, work study, loans, scholarships
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
Senior Transcript Request Card

Allow 2 weeks for letters of recommendation by counselors, principals, teachers, etc.
Provide resume (or other information –see career cruising resume builder)
Provide stamped envelope(s)
Include any necessary information to be mailed with letter

Keep your options open
take the SAT/ACT!

Financial Aid
Main Office Staff
Grade Level Office Staff
Permits, Tickets and Transcripts
Contacting Teachers
How Can College Happen?
Important Dates to Put on Your Calendar
Senior Pictures: Yearbook drape/tuxedo pictures due Nov. 21

Contact: 1st Photo of Texas (512) 610-9990 for an appointment

On campus pictures: Oct. 8-10, full senior picture sitting
Sign up in Room 124

Oct. 29: Last date for on campus pictures (yearbook only)
Senior Pictures
RRHS Project Graduation 2014
Things to Take Care of:
TAKS EXIT Retest Dates
GPA and CLASS Rank
Texas Success Initiative Compliance Test
Apply Texas
ACC College Connection
Letters of Recommendation
Local Scholarship Application
Access Scholarship Info
Beware of Scholarhsip Scams
What Can You Do Now to Help?
Other Helpful Information

are excused for three reasons:
1. personal illness
2. death in the immediate family
3. school related attendance

Upon return to campus, submit a note to the attendance office. (within 48 hours)

You may also email the information to

If a student is absent for 5 consecutive days or more, a doctor's note is required.

If you receive an attendance letter, pay close attention to the sender's name and contact that person for any questions or concerns.

The attendance clerk can not change a teacher's attendance.

Students with excessive absences must see alpha assistant principal to develop a plan for attendance recovery.

Excessive absences can result in any, or all, of the following:
Loss of credit (5 or more absences a semester)
Truancy charges filed against the student
Denial of TEA Verification of Enrollment (VOE) form (90% required)
Denial of exam exemptions


Absences from school

October 26, 2013 December 14, 2013

February 8, 2014 April 12, 2014

June 14, 2014 Register at

Deadline for registration: September 27, 2013
Late registration with additional fee
September 28 - October 11, 2013
Deadline for registration: November 8, 2013
Late registration with additional fee
November 9- 22, 2013
Deadline for registration: January 10, 2014
Late registration with additional fee
January 11-24, 2014
Deadline for registration: March 7, 2014
Late registration with additional fee
March 9-21, 2014
Deadline for registration: May 9, 2014
Late registration with additional fee
May 10-23, 2014

October 5, 2013 November 2, 2013

December 7, 2013 January 25, 2014

March 8, 2014 May 3, 2014

June 7, 2014 Register at

Deadline for registration: September 6, 2013
Late registration with additional fee
September 20 - 23, 2013
Deadline for registration: October 3, 2013
Late registration with additional fee
October 18-21, 2013
Deadline for registration: November 8, 2013
Late registration with additional fee
November 22-25, 2013
Deadline for registration: December 27, 2013
Late registration with additional fee
January 10-14, 2014
Deadline for registration: February 7, 2014
Late registration with additional fee
February 21-24, 2014
Deadline for registration: April 4, 2014
Late registration with additional fee
April 18-21, 2014
Deadline for registration: May 9, 2014
Late registration with additional fee
May 23-28, 2014


May be exempt from 3 semester exams for classes in which they have a semester average of 85 or above.

No more than 2 absences.

These absences DO NOT count toward your exam absences:
court ordered appearance
citizenship oath
doctor's appointments if student attended part of the school day
extra-curricular activities
election clerk
religious holiday
academic lab

For those that qualify you can get the registration fee waived.

Throughout your Junior and Senior years, you can have the fee waived for 2 ACT and 2 SAT assessments.
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