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surf life saving reel

No description

Taj Pryce-Boylan

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of surf life saving reel

How has the
surf life saving reel
made a difference to
Australian life? This is a reel.
Reels are worked by 5 lifesavers . Two people work the reel, the other two work the line and the fifth person does the rescue. The person who rescues has a type of harness around his chest which helps him rescue. This is what a harness would look like on someone.
When they are out in the sea they put the harness over the person they are rescuing and swim back in with them. The reel was created by Lyster Ormsby, and redisigned by G H Olding. The reel was officially made part of the lifesaving community on Sunday 24th March 1906 . It was used until 1993 when it was replaced by the IRB. The reel revolutionized surf life saving helping make rescues more efficient and safer for both people. Black Sunday On the 6th of February 1938 Bondi beach was called Black Sunday due to a series of freak waves that swept around 300 swimmers into rough surf conditions. 80 surf life savers equipped with 4 reels saved all but 4 swimmers. Important nipper carnivals are usually started with a march past, a march past has four people carrying the reel, one person with the club flag and five or more people in the back row. The reel has made a difference to Australia in quite a few ways, here they are: Everyone born in Australia will always be 1. It makes rescues more efficient for both people. 2. It can make people feel safer around the water. 3. It makes rescues more safe for both people. 4. It helped save many lives.
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