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Creating the Perfect PREZIntation

No description

Alexa Murray

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Creating the Perfect PREZIntation

Images Videos Videos are a completely different thing from images. Sure, you put them into a PREZI the same way, but they add a whole new component to your PREZIntation. Videos can give a whole new feel. For instance: If you had a PREZI on mythical monsters and had a video showing a transformation of a werewolf, you would better be able to capture the interest of your viewers. The Final Product! You're now able to create a good looking PREZI! Inserting arrows and frames, videos, images, and shapes & symbols comes naturally to you. Now go off. Make your own PREZI. Use the skills we've shown you. COLOR ADDING TEXT Adding text is very simple. All you have to do is double click in the space you want your text and start typing. When doing this, you will see a toolbar above your writing and can click to identify whether your text is a ,
, or Body. After, you can click the toolbar and drag it to any given space you would like the text. Text OK. So we know that having the same old boring text isn't gonna cut it. Your presentation will look bland. So why not spice it up a bit, add some color! To add color to your Prezi add some text (go back one to see how to create text). In the tool bar above what you've written there are choices. Towards the middle is a square with the color that you're currently writing in. Click on it and you'll get. M A N Y C H O I C E S Why to Use Images Title Subtitle Inserting Images Creating the Perfect PREZIntation The cool thing about making a PREZI, is that you can add pictures from your computer OR from Google. To do this you simply click "INSERT" in the top. Next you click "IMAGE". Click on either "from file" if you want to download from your PC or "from Google images" if you want a pic from Google. Say you are doing a PREZI on ducks, you would click on "from Google images" and search DUCKS. ADVANCED For all of you advanced PREZIers there are other things to be known about the PREZI text experience. Beside the color icon you can insert a
To the right of the bullets, is the allignment tool. You can alliign:
left right
The last buttons are for indentations. Arrows and Frames Adding a photo or to your Prezi is really easy to do and also can make your PREZIntaion more appealing to the eye. It may be useful for the viewer to get an image relating to what you are explaining/expressing. Some times, you may not have enough
space to fit all of what you want to say
into one frame. You might have to add
another. In your PREZI screen, at the
top-middle, is a place that says "Frames
& Arrows". If you click there, you will
be able to choose and draw from a
variety of frames, arrows and lines, too. Explore the Opportunities The Duck Song Gangnam Style Diagrams Purpose of Diagrams How to Insert Diagrams Symbols & Shapes Background Music PowerPoints Putting a diagram in your Prezi can benefit you in many ways. One of them is being able to easily express something in unique ways. For example, with a diagram you can make a timeline, compare/contrast something, show different cycles, make charts, explain growth/change over time, and many more. Egg Tadpole Frog To insert a diagram, you would first
go to insert, diagrams (in the top toolbar) Next, you would scroll through your options and choose whatever one you want depending on what you want to represent. After, you could add/subtract frames, change font, edit color, and fill in the information. Example: Growth of Frogs From Small to Large,
Cute to Ugly Baby Animals Koalas, like kangaroos, are marsupials; the baby is usually found in the mom’s pouch. Koalas When we think pigs we think grimy and muddy. But pigs aren’t always the mess we make them out to be. Pigs Most giraffe babies learn to walk, with the help of their parents, the day they’re born. Newts are aquatic amphibians, closely related to salamanders. Newts Bulldog ants have large pincers that help them to grab and disable their prey. Like all other ants, babies are larva. Bulldog Ants Music behind your PREZI would add a mood. You could have a goofy, soothing, or dramatic theme, depending on the type of music you choose. To add background music, click on insert and go to add background music.
***You can usually find your music in the Libraries of your computer. Symbols and shapes, like images, create a different "feel" to your slide. To add a symbol/shape, click on insert next to frames & arrows above your PREZI. There are choices ranging from ladybugs to a world map - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Created By Alexa Murray (>^_^)> and Rachel Eaglin (\__/)
(")_(") Okay. So we know that PREZI and Power Point are rivals. But if you want to make a PREZI on a topic you've made a Power Point for, you don't have to start over. You can make your Power Point slides part of the PREZIntation. In the toolbar above your prezi, click on Insert. All the way at the bottom, there is the option of Power Point. If you click on that, you can choose the Power Point you've created and it will show up as a toolbar on the right. Giraffes Please, feel free to listen! How to Create A Voice Over (EXAMPLE)
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