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French Revolution :)

French Revolution Prezi Project!

madeline miller

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of French Revolution :)

Olyme de Gouges was the woman who wrote the rights of woman. She believed it was unfair that there was a rights of man so decided to write this document. Charrolate corday was
the woman who killed
marat in his bath tub.
This was because he was a supporter
of the revolution. The Comittee of Public Saftey
was enforcing the rules. The leader
was Robespierre and they went around
killing people for talking bad against the
revolution. The reign of Terror was what the
time was called when many people
were getting killed under the guillotine.
Olyme de Gouges Charrolate Corday C.O.P.S Regin of terror Guillotine Rights of Man Marie Antoinette Marie was married to Louis the 16.
The people did not like her becasue
her and her husband didnt produce a child.
She wasnt liked by the poeople and was not
involved in their government. The guillotine was invented by
dr. guillotin. He thought it was a great
way for the people to ahve a nice easy painless death
compared to the other ways that used to kill people. The writes of man was written by
a comitee. It was important because it does exactly
what it says and states the rights of men. Girondist Gerondist were a group of losley
motorate people
that stated the french revolution Versaille Versaille was built by louis the 14 because
he wanted more freedom so he moved from paris and during the french revolution Louis the 16 lived in it. Paris Paris was important because it is the capital
of france. Most of the poor people during
the french revolution lived in paris. Napoleon Louis 16 Sieyes Robespierre Napoleon Bonaparte was a military
political leader of france andalso an
emporor his actions shaped the
early europe times. Emmanuel sieyes was a churchmen.
A leader of the 3rd estate he helped
Napoleon gain power. Louis the 16 was married to Marie Antionette
he was the king at the time of the french
revolution. He lived in versaille. People did not
like him very much and he could not
produce a child. Robespiere was the main leader
of the revolution. He led the comitee
of public saftery and helped to change
the calender.
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