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Chicago Academy for the Unusually Gifted

No description

Jordan S

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Chicago Academy for the Unusually Gifted

Individuality, Creativity, Originality. Chicago Academy For the Unusually Gifted We strive to help each and every student discover what they love to do, and to teach them how to be successful doing exactly that. Mission Statement Jordan Stefani
Period 7
10/12/12 Students and teachers are to be accepting and supportive of everyone's life choices and decisions, so long as they won't negatively impact the student or other people around them. 'Not Fitting In' is 'Fitting In' The school is well-suited for up to two thousand students, and equipped with dorms for approximately five hundred of them. It consists of two main towers, each with twenty-one floors. The towers are surrounded by a large garden common area where students can socialize and study. The campus is decorated with student made art, which can often be bought to raise money for the school. Size and Design Hummingbirds are colorful, bright, joyful little guys. They represent the diverse personalities and ideas of the student body. The Hummingbird Academics Art Painting Art Art History Drawing Sculpting Pottery Dance Drama Film Fashion Photography Graphic Design Technology App Development Video Game Design Web Design Computer Programming Engineering Technology Music Math and Science Math and Science Geometry Algebra Calculus Trigonometry Biology Chemistry Physics Astronomy Anthropology Zoology Psychology Philosophy English and History English and History Ancient History World History Religion Foreign Language Creative Writing Persuasive writing English American History Language Arts Students are taught to problem solve and often face challenges that they need to overcome. Creative and critical thinking is incredibly important for all of the students. Creative Thinking Mascot Students are to maintain a Grade Point Average of 3.0 (Out of 4) or higher. If this is not maintained, the student will be required to attend tutoring and extra classes until they maintain a 3.1+ GPA for one month. School Rules and Policies Violence, vandalism, use of alcohol and drugs, racism, bullying, foul language, and any criminal acts in or outside of school are not tolerated. Any student violating this rule will be immediately removed. Cellphones and computers are allowed on campus, and can be used at any time while the student is not in class. Students can snack and use phones in class at the teachers discretion. The above rules must be followed in all classrooms, additional rules are to be decided by individual teachers Classes Class sizes range from fifteen to two hundred students per class. Classrooms vary from day to day, depending on the curriculum. We have outdoor, laboratory, lecture hall, basement, indoor, lounge, computer lab, and online class settings available. Teachers can inform students which room will be used for the class each day through smartphone notifications. Incorporating Technology Each student will be provided with a smartphone and laptop. Teachers will use these to send out notifications and information about classes to students, and students will be required to complete around 80% of assignments online. Teachers Teachers are all required to have participated in the subject they are teaching for at least a year in the past, or currently be participating in it. They must be familiar with technology and have a strong and positive teaching style.
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