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Cross-Cultural Communication in a Globalizing World

Examines the challenges and possible trajectories of cross-cultural interactions in an increasingly globalized world.

Heather Raftery

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Cross-Cultural Communication in a Globalizing World

Adaptation & Convergence Western Cultural Imperialism Cultural
Anti-colonialism Cultural Pluralism Cultural pluralistic societies as those that “are made up of a multiplicity of heterogeneous subgroups whose ways of thinking and living vary, whose interests may be opposed, and whose cooperation is not automatic”. Cultural
Hybridization So..... WHAT DOES THAT MEAN???? Assimilation vs. Rejection Cross-Cultural Communication In a Globalizing
World Culture "The fear is that the values and images of Western mass culture, like some invasive weed, are threatening to choke out the world's native flora, so to speak." - Kim (2008) VARIABLE:
Interactor's Character
METHOD Beliefs, norms, values Learned Shared and understood by members
of cultural group "Like water to fish" The Problem: Denies the "olive tree" Problem: "Cultural identity at any cost" Problem: Closure to cultural contamination, minimize cultural exchange Caution: Globalization The “intensifying flow of capital, goods, people (tourists as well as immigrants and refugees), images, ideas around the world”. "Result of cultural convergence, in which certain characteristics of a differing culture are borrowed and fused, causing the re-articulation of that culture’s makeup into essentially a new and different form “A situation in which the ideas and practices of one culture are imposed upon other cultures, which may be modified or eliminated as a result.” NOT universal or automatic
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