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What are Apples? Genetic Modification

No description

Julian Finley

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of What are Apples? Genetic Modification

What are Apples? By: Auria Parsa and Julian Finley Spring 2010 Capprensi Period 1 Genetically Modified Foods are foods that have changes in their genetic structure, and are usually created to overcome issues such as pesticide, common virus, and herbicide resistance. Genetically Modified Foods? Three Drivers of Change A crossover of the three is that the consumers are forced to give up their luxuries, like Internet connection, or their phone plans, when the prices of GM foods skyrocket. 1 2 3 No labeling on GM foods Frankenfoods herbicide resistant weeds GM companies prefer their products to be unlabeled. Consumers are usually not aware of the modifications, and if consumers were to find out, they may protest and/ or resent the idea. “Frankenfoods” are the nickname of a food containing a genome sequence from another life form. Frankenfoods are the scientific product of Monsanto that have been genetically combined. Herbicide resistant plants were designed to allow farmers to pile pesticide over pesticide. Soon, the weeds around this plant became accustomed to the resistance, and as an effect, those weeds are now unaffected by herbicide. A crossover of the three Drivers: GMO prices rise
o People lose their wants like TV, internet, or phone plans in order to keep up with the food price inflation.

They lose their main sources of gathering info, and aren't informed about the world around them and what major incidents are happening.

People are forced to work a second job to keep up with the increase of GM food prices.

They could be stressed at the end of the day due to overworking. Futures Wheel- Future Wheel Implications
1. Prices on GM foods skyrocket, so people move back to consuming organic
2. People are less "connected" due to losses like phones, internet, and car
3. Consumers are forced to work a second job to keep up with inflation WHEEL OF FUTURE! Tool:
The Black Swan Matrix High Probability, High Impact Low Probability, High Impact High Probability, Low impact Low Probability, Low Impact A Black Swan matrix is used to show the Effects of a Black Swan Theory. A Black Swan is an event that deviates beyond what is normally expected of a situation and that would be extremely difficult to predict*
*Dictionary Definition Impact Variable Probability Variable Our Probabilty Variable is the way GM affects poverty in America. Our Impact Variable is the End User Liscense Agreements, the agreements between the scientists, Monsanto, and the farmers. People are paying unreasonable amounts for GM foods due to product shortages. Countries in poverty are getting even more in poverty such as Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Afghanistan. people are losing their TV's, telephones, and computers to keep up with the soaring food prices.These countries are even more in poverty due to foods being planted in these countries. These seeds are too expensive for the farmers to purchase due to Monsanto charging 3 times the price of conventional seeds and there soil has been ruined. It has been ruined due to plowing of the soil. This auses the soil to rot if no plants are in the fertilized soil. Money must be spent to re fertilize the soil, and if they don't have money the soil will never be fertilized.
Jim, an average American, lived back in the day, 2010. He had a huge house, around 5000 sq ft. with a wife and 3 kids. Now, he lives in an apartment and is forced to take 2 jobs to pay the rent and buy food. Let’s see what Jim has to say about this.
“This is outrageous; we have GM companies taking over the world’s economy with people like me taking 2 jobs to pay for rent and to buy food for my family.”
“What do you think the government should do about this, sir?”
“I think they should take away that End User Agreement so we can actually find out what’s in the seeds. Then we can make sure there is nothing dangerous and if there is then shut Monsanto down!”
The End User Agreement as many people are saying is a may for Monsanto to protect their ways of making billions of dollars, their secret ingredient. Monsanto is protecting their patents on their seeds using this agreement.
People all over the world are complaining about this crisis and they call for government help even if they know they’re not getting any.They aren't allowed to test the seeds so they can't put them on research facilities that can make sure they aren't using a dangerous chemical. We asked Scotty Kim, a Swedish protester about his feeling on this controversy.
“I do not believe that this is happening, I mean $5.50 for a pound of apples that have been GM. There is a huge problem because Turkey's main export is apples. No other country however can afford to bring in apples. This causes the economy of Turkey to decrease and they could be turned into poverty if this keeps up. I mean there is no other food on the market except for ones that have been GM. What ever happened to good old organic? This is outrageous; Monsanto is making billions while people are starving on the street.”
Why do you think Monsanto is making billions? They have patents on Genetically Modified seeds. With this patent they charge almost 3 times the cost of conventional seeds. Also the farmers can't reuse the seeds because they have terminator technology. Terminator technology produced by Monsanto causes the seeds become sterile after use. Thousands have protested in the streets of Holland too, right in front of the usual Monsanto building downtown. Even movie stars have lost their value in this world. If you talked about Bill Gates in 2010 then you would have been thinking about a billionaire, even a multi billionaire. Now if you talk about him the most you would think of is a multi millionaire. The cause of this is due to the increase of foods. Also because of the increase in food gas prices rise too. After the price rise he was forced to sell most of his cars. After even more years he was forced to move to a smaller house, and he kept on decreasing. People have taken destructive steps such as riots in front of the Monsanto building, throwing fire at the workers trying to escape by car, rebellions, and more have taken over the streets of Turkey, in taking down the soaring prices, but for now all we can do is watch.
This crisis happening in Turkey has a major effect on the country. This crisis caused Turkey to lose it's main export. They lost it because their main export is apples. Other countries will not import the apples due to excessive chemicals and increasing prices. With the loss of that export their economy starts to fall. This causes the country to become impoverished. With this there is less food to spread around, less shelter and cover, and less clothes to spread around. More diseases will spread due to the lack of money to check with the doctor and this will end up causing a pandemic. Diseases will spread everywhere causing more and more people to become sick of unknown causes; however we still believe that the cause is from GM foods. We have tried to take many tests but if we want to we would have to bypass the End User Agreement. Millions of people are lining up for food shelters selling apples, foods, and drinks to help save the shelter-less. The pandemic is called Operation Apples and is used to help solve the sick people all over the world. This operation has doctors all over the world giving free clinics to help solve the chemicals and bacteria in the stomach of the consumers. The problem however is the fact that there are not enough doctors in the world to support the ever-growing population of sick people.
. We have brought Dr. Joseph a disease scientist, who specializes in pandemics to discuss what, is happening.
"How would you explain the pandemic occurring at this time?"
"Well it is quite a feat. We believe it was started by the chemicals in GM foods entering a consumer’s digestive track and disrupting the chemicals. This causes you to get sick. With this the sickness spread all over the world causing a pandemic. We have tested to find what the cause of this pandemic is, but we still can't seem to grasp it."
"How do you plan on stopping this pandemic?"
"We plan to send out a medicine called "Dyrotigory Blenis". This medicine is supposed to destroy the bacteria and chemicals from you digestive track. With this it will clean out any chemicals including ones in your stomach and replace it with artificial chemicals until the stomach can produce the chemicals again."
"Okay, thank you sir."
"Thank you."
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