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Scottish Music N5

No description

James Swan

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Scottish Music N5

Scottish Music
Scottish Dances
Jig - Compound time - one and a two and a
Vocal Music
Bothy Ballad - Scottish song ,Scots dialect about farming.
Country Dance Band
Bagpipes - listen for drone (goes on and on)
Reel - Fast dance in 2 or 4 ( Simple time ) lots of quavers
Strathspey - Medium paced dance listen out for the scotch snap
Waltz - Slow dance with 3 beats in the bar ( Simple Time )
Scots ballad - Slow song sung in Scot's dialect
Mouth music- Nonsense Gaelic words imitating instruments to dance to
Waulking song. Accapella, Females singing whilst they work, Listen for banging sound
Gaelic Psalm -Church music from the islands,
eerie sounding, Led by cantor. Congregation
Folk Group
Celtic Rock
Pipe Band
National 5/ Int 2
Piano - May play a vamp(oohm cha)

LI- To analyze, understand and
identify the instrumental and vocal music of Scotland.

SC- I can successfully identify Scottish instruments, groups and dances both aurally and visually.
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