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Wonder Prezi

Advanced Literature/Language Arts Pd. 5-6

Livvy Haberberger

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Wonder Prezi

Main Characters Main Conflict The main problem in this book is August's
facial deformity. It keeps him from feeling
normal and being accepted in everyday life, it
keeps kids away from him, and makes his
parents and sister want to protect him more
than they should. Setting Wonder does not have a specific
setting, although it mentions Via's
school being in Upper Manhattan. The
neighborhood the Pullman's live in is
North River Heights. Via's school is PS
22, and Auggie's school is Beecher Prep. By RJ Palacio August Pullman: August, or Auggie, is the story's main character. He is struggling through life starting school while having to deal with a severe facial deformity.
Auggie tries to live life like normal kids,
loving Star Wars and dogs, but sometimes
it's just too hard. Genre The genre of Wonder is Realistic Fiction. 1. August has a facial deformity. These
occur in everyday real life.

2. August struggles through public school.
Many children have trouble adapting to
school, even without facial deformities.

3. The Pullman family's beloved dog, Daisy,
passes away. Death is inevitable, and happens
in real life. Olivia Pullman: August's sister. "Via",
as she is nicknamed by Auggie, goes to
the public middle school near August's.
She has always been there to protect
August from being bullied, but is beginning
to realize that she can't protect him from the
rest of his life. Jack Will: August's first friend at Beecher Prep. He shows August around the school. Although Jack Will can be a little sneaky, he is usually there for Auggie. Julian: The book's main antagonist.
He is the little jerk who relentlessly picks on Auggie and laughs right in his face. Julian has horrendous attitude and terrible demeanor, and makes Auggie feel like he is less than. Summer: The popular girl who accepts Auggie for the way he is. On the first day of school, they form a bond sitting together at lunch, and not just because their names "kind of match", as Summer puts it ("Summer? August? We can make this the 'summer only' lunch table!"). Their relationship blossoms throughout the book and even changes some people's opinions
about Auggie. Justin: Via's boyfriend. Auggie describes him as "a cool enough
dude, with longish hair, little round glasses." Justin helps
Auggie realize how similar he is to normal kids. Wonder In conclusion, everything that
occurs in Wonder can happen in
everyday life, it just has not
happened to anyone exactly the
way the book depicts it. Prezi by Livvy Haberberger 3 Main Events 1. The Conversation
On the way home from Auggie's friend Christopher's
house, Mr. and Mrs. Pullman have a conversation about
school while they THINK Auggie is sleeping. He really
isn't, and eavesdrops. This is when he realizes that
school is not only a big deal to him, but a big deal to
his whole family. school is not only a big 2. Daisy's Death
The Pullman family has a dog,
Daisy, who they have owned since
August's birth. Mrs. Pullman calls
them "partners in crime". One day,
when August thinks things are looking
up for him, Daisy starts growling and
crying. She even bites Mrs. Pullman! Mr.
Pullman takes Daisy to the vet. He finds
a tumor in her stomach. The family must
make the choice to either put Daisy down
or let her live through the pain with the
tumor. Without thinking about anyone else, Mr. P
decides to put Daisy down. August, Via, and
the whole Pullman family are devastated. 3. Auggie gets Hearing Aids
Since he was born, doctors have
known August would need hearing
aids because of his oddly-shaped ears.
In the book, Auggie states, "Ever since
I was little, the doctors told my parents
that someday I'd need hearing aids. I don't
know why this always freaked me out a bit:
maybe because anything to do with my ears
bothers me a lot. My hearing was getting worse,
but I hadn't told anyone about it." August thinks
the aids will affect him in a negative way. He says
he'll look like Lobot from The Empire Strikes Back. Palacio, R. J. Wonder. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2012. Print. MLA Citation The Climax Wonder was a really "up and down" book, and didn't have a specific climax. I just chose 1 main event from this book that I thought was a big deal. The climax of Wonder occurs while August and his friends are on the Fifth Grade Nature Retreat, at Broarwoood Nature Reserve. On the second day of their 3 day 2 night trip, Beecher Prep and 3 other schools have an outdoor movie night at some fairgrounds near the reserve. During the movie, "The Sound of Music", Auggie and Jack Will decide to take a bathroom break. On the way back, they get a little lost and accidentally walk into another school's group of kids. When they see Auggie with his hearing aids, most of the kids freak out. One girl yells, "Oh my God!" and starts to cry. Another boy calls out, "No way! No freakin' way, man! No freakin' way! An ALIEN!" August and Jack Will try to escape, but are blocked by a seventh-grader (the "No freakin' way!" boy) who they learn is named Eddie. Jack Will attempts to push past Eddie, but Eddie just pushes him down. Auggie tries to step in and stop them, being the reasonable young man he is, holding his hands out like a traffic cop and saying "We're a lot smaller than you guys..." That just makes Eddie angrier. In steps Amos, the fifth-grade jock friend Auggie and Jack Will make. Fighting ensues, and Auggie loses his hearing aids in the rumble. When he realizes, he breaks down. Jack Will and Amos are very cool about it and console him. It is from this event that Auggie understands that through school, he has been able to form friendships that will stay with him for the rest of his life. The Climax is the most intense, exciting, or important point of something. Recommendation I would recommend Wonder
to ages 8+. It is a sad book
at times, and younger kids
may not understand the full extent of what Auggie goes through. The Resolution The conflict can never be completely solved, but it effects can be lessened. Wonder's conflict is resolved when Auggie realizes he can never really get rid of his deformity. He knows that it has in some ways made him a better person, like being friendly to make people look past it. Auggie's friends are also a big part of the resolution. They help him realize that it doesn't matter what you look like on the outside, it matters how you are on the inside.
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