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Counterclaims & Rebuttals

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Ashley Lethco

on 2 February 2017

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Transcript of Counterclaims & Rebuttals

Counterclaims & Rebuttals
Introducing a Counterclaim
Others might say that...

A common argument against this might be...

It is often thought that...

Others may argue that...

Some may disagree with this and say that...

Some people believe that...

Introducing a Rebuttal

, but...


It is still more important to realize that...

Despite that...
Topic: Another reason that teenagers should be able to drive with a permit when they turn 15 is to have more practice driving with an adult.
Topic: The third reason our town needs more parks is because it would help combat the problem of obesity.
What do you think I should look for to score your work?
*Scoring guide on board

Move to your Team Base.

Work on your assessment independently. Don't forget the Fist to 5 at the bottom!
What is a counterclaim?
A counterclaim is when you consider why someone would be AGAINST your claim.
More Practice
Topic sentence:

Finally, stores should stop selling disposable water bottles because many people do not recycle them.

Let's think backwards...
Here is a counterclaim:

Others may say that students should not be allowed to have cell phones in school because they cause distractions during class.

What was the topic sentence/claim?

What would your group say for a rebuttal?

After stating the counterclaim, you have to disprove it! Give a rebuttal.

Counterclaim: Some people may disagree with this because they think students should have the chance to express themselves through clothing choices.
Let's think it through...
Practice with your Small Table Groups!
(Google Form!)
If a topic sentence is:

Another reason children should be involved in extracurricular activities is to help them learn new skills.

What could a counterclaim be?

A rebuttal?
Let's use a topic sentence and create a counterclaim!

Topic sentence: The final reason that teenagers should have to complete chores at home is to teach them how to prioritize time.

Counterclaim: Others may say that
Why include a counterclaim?
It strengthens your argument by showing you have carefully thought about both sides of the topic.

You predict why someone might disagree with you, and explain why you STILL support your thesis.
Thesis: Students should wear uniforms at school because they save time, save money, and reduce bullying.
What could someone who is AGAINST this argument say?
Focus on ONE disagreement:

Some people may disagree with this because they think students should have the chance to express themselves through clothing choices.

(This is the counterclaim! It says "Hello from the other siiiiiide!)
We NEED to include a cohesive device!
We NEED to include a cohesive device here, TOO!
Rebuttal: However, reducing bullying is a much more important concern, and therefore it is important that students wear uniforms to school.
A rebuttal shows why your argument is valid, even after considering the other side.
What could be a great rebuttal for this counterclaim?
Counterclaim: Some may say that
Let's create a rebuttal!

Counterclaim: Some may say that
Rebuttal: However,
Create counterclaims and rebuttals on your own!
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