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Blog Copy of Muslims in Hong Kong

Islam, Youth and the Chinese Metropolis

PJ OConnor

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Blog Copy of Muslims in Hong Kong

Muslims in Hong Kong Islam, Youth and the Chinese Metropolis Mosques Chungking Mansions Juxtaposition Workers 9/11 The Facts There are over 220,000 Muslims in Hong Kong.
Muslims make up 3% of the HK population.
The largest group of Muslims are Indonesian - over 150,000.
There are about 30,000 Chinese or Hui Muslims.
Over 20,000 South Asian Muslims. Overview Dr Paul O'Connor Islam in Hong Kong
? Not theological Everyday lives Young Muslims History Transformations Indonesians Made in Hong Kong Prejudice Halal Hong Kong HISTORY Muslims form an important part of the colonial history of Hong Kong. Indians arrived as merchants and soldiers during the 1840s. As part of the colonial administration they became part of the military, police, and prison service. Land was given to the Muslim community and they became part of the fabric of everyday life in Hong Kong. Shelley St Mosque 1997 2003 September 11 Handover 2001 SARS 2006 Danish Cartoon Protests 2009 Education Legal Challenges 2011 Transformations Indonesians in Hong Kong A new community
Majority female
Prone to exploitation
Varied Islamic practice
Debt Legacy of SARS Hong Kong born Muslims Many speak Cantonese Majority ethnic minorities educated in English Learn about Islam in Hong Kong Understand Hong Kong differently to parents Develop a different cultural outlook on Islam Prayers Ramadan & Fasting Prejudice Freedom Racism is a real issue.
It effects everyday life.
Common for it to be dismissed.
A fact of life in Hong Kong.
Racism can be overcome.
NOT related to Islam. Hong Kong not like other places.
Safety (Physical, Political, Psychic).
Individual freedom - personal ability.
Religious freedom - in all forms. Halal Food and Ambiguity For further information on this project visit my blog Education Dynamic Malleable flux Tradition Monolithic Indonesians in Hong Kong Indonesians in Hong Kong Muslim youth have an everyday hybridity Freedom Prejudice
Previous publications
News on book release
Includes this presentation with some additional info History Transformations Indonesians Made in Hong Kong Prejudice Halal Hong Kong Overview
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