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New England Colonies for Project

By: Jessica, Enrico, Bryanna, and Katie.

Katie DeLucia

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of New England Colonies for Project

Its location is
near the Atlantic
Ocean along a
jagged coastline The soil was bad
for farming, with
all of the hard,
rocky soil and
long periods of
cold weather. New England Colony MA, NH, RI, and CT. The kids would play games such as hopscotch and jump rope and the family would sing and dance. The children colonists all learned how to read the bible including girls ,but as they grew older the girls stopped learning academics and started to learn how to do work woman would do. The boys would learn grammar and math to go to college. Religion -Puritans: believed in religious practice
and freedom, They were first taught by parents, then MA passed a law, that at least 50 families must go to school. -John Withrop elected govener of MA Bay Colony
-The New England Colonies are at the top of all the other colonies. -John Withrop elected governor of MA Bay Colony
-The New England Colonies are at the top of the other colonies Who Founded the Colonies? When Was Each Colony Founded? Education Interesting Facts Massachusetts founded: John Winthrop in 1630 traveled to MA with a
group of puritans New Hampshire founded: David Thomson in 1679 scottish Rhode Island founded: Roger Williams in 1636 had six children Connecticut founded: Thomas Hooker in 1636 puritan
minister founded
Hartford Quakers - disliked puritans, treat Native
Americans more kindly, Roger Williams
was Quaker who founded MA Climate-

All states, MA, NH, RI and CT

Cold in winter, little warmer in
spring, hot in the summer time
and back to cold again in the
autumn. Just as it is nowadays. Massachusetts
Geography New Hampshire's
Geography Entertainment Rhode Island
Geography Rhode Island has
Coastal lowlands and rocky
woodlands. The
River cuts through
the center of the
state, flowing into Long
Island Sound. It is
outlet to the Atlantic Ocean.
There are rolling mountains and
horse-farms of the Litchfield
Hills of northwestern Connecticut. Connecticut
Geography This Prezi
was made by: Jessica,
and Enrico The End!!!! Applause
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