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The Future World: Inventions

Cool inventions for the future!!!

mariana altorse

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of The Future World: Inventions

These are just imaginary
inventions i woudnt know how to get them done, but they are cool and useful SOME IDEAS FOR THE FUTURE COOL MY IDEAS! Inventions for Technology:
For girls: For Boys Its a bracelet like an ibangle that has all the
functions of an ipad but with an extra. Seeing the picture you say weres the screen?? Well, you shake the bangle and a screen pops up in mid air in front of you in an app that will be dressing help, you will upload pictures of all you have and a descripion of how you like to look. In the morning it will make you an outfit depending if youve used it, its colors, and your description. If you dont like it you can choose it by clicking on your pictures and then click done and the outfit will come out of your technological closet. Cool huh? With the ipod bangle , when the screen pops up,
The boys and some girls wil have an app called game of the day. In this app, boys will get to create electronic apps of video games to play. Also they will play other games of the daty created by other people. while they are at it the can be at a convertible lounger thats conected to the app so while you play, you can fell whats happening in the game, if its a cars game for example.
Exiting huh? And some boys And some girls Welcome!! This invention will help everyone and will make the world a better place In each state, there wil be a goverment building with the name of "Helping Peace" house. The house will serve for old or sick people who CAN NOT work and are in the srteet. We will take them in and, thanks to taxes, and stuff it would be nice. (Not sooo nice because the ones that are taken there don't pay it) It would have a pool, nice rooms and a garden. Volunters can come some days to entretain the peolpe by showing them their skills.
For people in the street that CAN work, we will get them a normal work and if we can't, we will give them a job taking care of the house and helping around.
How about that? For the animals! This invention is about a house just like Helping peace. They will be of the same chain but this one will be called Helping Paws. Its the same concept but a little different.
The Installations will be a lobby, a garden with divitions, the animals rooms, the doctor, and the bath spa room.
We will take dogs and other animals that are in the street to the house and bathe them and asign them a "room". Then to dont have the house full it will be open for adoption (free) if a person wants to donate money he can of course.
Hooray animals!! food inventions This invention is real and its not mine! This invention is divided in 2:
Dessert invention
Food invention.
The food invention is a really absurd invention but its cool. In a machine type computer, microwave you order what you want, click in make an then in a machine type microwave, printer the foods comes out.
The dessert invention is that you create your cupcake/cake/cookie/icecream in a machine. How?
Well, in a technological machine, you put i want my cupcake with pink color frosting(strawberry flavor) chocolate dough and a cherry. then you put make and of course you putting many mterials in it, it starts making it instantanley. and you see how it makes it by a camera nad then it comes out. it may be take long max 10 min.
Yummy!! Fashion invention Well this invention will be good for costumers and stores got to understand that this will not equal their services. Professional dessigners have more experience and make more cool designs. This invention is for creative people or just for specific purposes. This invention is a machine that has the technology to make your clothes in the design u want. Of course, you have to buy the materials for the machine to work. That way if you want a star blouse for a fancy dinner and u cant find it anywhere, use it!!!! END!!!
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