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Vanessa Artiga

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of WORLD WAR 2 BATTLES

Battle of Berlin
Fougt In Berlin,Germany
By the Soviet Union Red Army and the Germans
On April 16th and ended in May of 1945
The Berlin Battle was faught for the conquest of the Germans Capital and surrender.
The battle of Berlin was one of the final battles fought in World War II

The Battle of Midway
The U.S. Navy and the imperal Japanese Navy
Between the 4th and 7th of June 1942
Was fought at Midway Island (Midway Atoll )northwest of Hawaii in the pacific ocean.
The Japanesse were trying to lure the United States few reamining aircraft carries into a trap
Without knowing they United States had cracked their code, andfigure out what they were planning and defeated them. The Battle of Okinawa
Japan againts the allied forces
Started in April 1945
Took place around the Okinawa Island
The allied forces viewed Okinawa as a perfect point from which they could invade /stike Japan the Invasion was code named "Operation Iceberg" thats the reason the battle happend .

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