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Scientific Method Catapults

No description

Jared Jones

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Scientific Method Catapults

Question What type of catapult launches
an item the farthest?
A torsion powered cataput or a trebuchet
catapult? Trebuchet Catapult A Trebuchet catapult is a kind of catapult that is powered by gravity.When a heavy item is on one side and a light item is on the other then when you drop the heavy item then the other item will be released. I will make the Trebuchet catapult. Torsion Catapult Output Process We will both make a different type of catapult
and test how far each one flings the same item.
We will both make our catapults out of wood and
the same person will show us how.We will both
launch a golf ball. A Torsion powered Catapult
is powered by a winding
mechanism and twisted strand.
I will make the Torsion
powered catapult. Scientific Method
Catapult Launch Torsional Catapult
I made my catapult so the crossbar is
adjustable and it had 5 different settings.
The lower the crossbar was the higher the golf ball
would go. My catapult launched the farthest when the
crossbar was on the top. It launched the golf ball
4 meters.
Trebuchet Catapult
I made my catapult so that it was powered by gravity.I had a golf ball and 2 C batteries all taped together.
I tried it out for the first time and realized that it needed
more weight on the side of the heavy item.Now that I knew that, I decided to put 9-1 oz. fishing weights and it was enough to not break or crack the wood and to get a
decent length.My first launch was at 2 meters and 47 centimeters. Jared Jones & Jonathan Cook First I tested mine. When I tried mine the first time it went 3 meters and 41 centimeters. Next time I tried with the middle bar higher and I got 4 meters. Results As I said we made adjustments to them, but before we did the golf ball barely went anywhere. So we tried again after I put more weight on it and it went 2 meters and 47 centimeters. So we tried again with a spoon and it went less. Results We went to the playground and tried them out. We had to make minor adjustments to the catapults to get them to go as far as we could. Testing When we were done building them we brought them to school. They were very cool. We also painted them. Catapults We measured the sizes of the wood that would be needed for the catapult. We made sure we measured every single thing. First Steps Our teacher, Ms. Jones, helped us come up with our topic by suggesting that we do a catapult. Thinking I started playing with a rubber band and I was launching pencils through my binder rings. How this project came to be Jared Jones & Jonathan Cook Scientific Method
Catapult launch When we were done measuring and thinking of the catapults we got to work. We worked very hard to build them. Screw by screw. Building Thanks for watching
Have a wonderful day. We assumed that
the Torsion Powered Catapult would go the farthest. Hypothesis Our hypothesis turned out to be correct. The torsion catapault did launch the golf ball further each time. Distance of Trebuchet Catapult
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