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The Professional School Counselor

No description

Emily Hauck

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of The Professional School Counselor

Professional School Counselors
The professional school counselor is a certified/licensed educator trained in school counseling with unique qualifications and skills to address all students academic, personal/social and career development needs.
Professional school counselors implement a comprehensive school guidance program that promotes and enhances student achievement.
Who are we?
Developmental program, that addresses the needs of all students by facilitating their
, and
personal/social development.
Helps create a positive and safe learning climate in schools.
Assists students as they face issues and resolve problems that may prevent their healthy development.
What is the MCGCP?
Program was created by a teacher in Ohio.
Created to help prevent suicide and suicidal ideation.
The Blue Dot is a symbol placed on teachers' classroom doors.
This dot lets students know there is a teacher who wants to hear them and help.
Program launched at my middle school Spring 2014.
Video created and shown to students following Guidance Lesson to students (School is a Safe Place to Talk).
Program management
Fair-share responsibilities
Professional development
Staff and community relations
Committee participation
Community outreach
Program + Personnel = Results
System Support
The Professional School Counselor
Middle School (Grades 6-8)
Guidance Curriculum
The purpose of the responsive services component is to work with students whose personal circumstances, concerns, or problems are threatening to interfere with or are interfering with their healthy academic, career, and personal/social development.

Responsive Services
In middle school, students begin to plan for the future. Students explore career paths, become familiar with high school graduation requirements and life post-graduation.
Individual Planning
Four Components
System Support
Guidance Curriculum
Responsive Services
Individual Planning

Backsnack Program
Harvesters provides 60 grocery sacks a week.
15 students and their families are adopted each year.
$150 per student, last year we raised $5000
Donations provided by staff, students and community.
Teacher sign-up to shop for student and their family (student is kept anonymous).
Parents participate in the process by scheduling a time to come in a wrap their children's Christmas gifts and take them home.
Responsive Services
Results Based Project
3-7th grade students (2 males/1 female).
3-8th grade students (1 male/2 female).
Students referred by counselor and the Care Team for having poor attendance, 2-F’s in core classes after 1st six week grading period and frequent ODR’s.
Students identified being at-risk for being high school dropouts.
The WhyTry program is a resilience education program that uses a series of ten visual metaphors to teach social, emotional, and leadership principles


One individual pre-screen session.
Phone call to each parent to discuss group format and get parent feedback.
Met with group 8 times for 30-45 minute group sessions, rotated through every class period, utilizing the WhyTry Curriculum.

Perceptual Data
Student Feedback
Outcome Data

Pre and Post Data
Pre and Post Data Cont.
Perceptual Data
Student feedback provided on the last day of WhyTry Group:
"This group motivated me to get on track."
"Group encouraged me to give more effort in school."
"I learned if you keep making bad choices, you’re life won’t be great."
"The roller coaster of life is hard but worth it."
"Learned life isn't always nice but you still have to work hard."
"This group taught me to

Group is ideal for 10 weeks instead of 8 weeks to allow students to finish at the end of 1 semester.
Overall, students made improvement in all areas.
95% of students ODR’s decreased, grades and attendance increased.

Committee Participation
Care Team
: Provides early intervention, referral, and support for students with identified needs that may prevent them from fully benefiting from their educational experience.

Leadership Team
: Team of 10 staff members and Principal. Discuss school calendar, upcoming events, testing and concerns.

The guidance and counseling curriculum consists of:
structured developmental activities presented systematically through classrooms (i.e. career days)
classroom presentations

The purpose of the guidance and counseling curriculum is to facilitate students’ optimal growth and development by assisting them to acquire competencies that promote academic development, career development, and personal social development.
6th Grade Classroom Lesson
What are you up to on Social Media?
Is it
Is it
Is it
Is it
Is it
Starting in 7th Grade students are introduced to Missouri Connections.
Missouri Connections allows students to develop a personal plan of study and discover career paths, helps students explore careers and colleges.
Personal Plans of Study
8th Graders:
Visit Freshman Center.
Attend a High school course description presentation.
Begin making their Personal Plans of Study that align with their career cluster from Missouri Connections.
Community Outreach
Every year, district counselors visit local mental health and community resource agencies.
Counselors work to facilitate relationships that will help students and families.
Staff and Community Relations
Present to staff on a monthly basis in regards to child abuse and neglect, bullying, and barriers to learning.
Advocate for the school counselor position through annual school board presentation.
Blue Dot
Understand the Role and Responsibilities of the Professional School Counselor.
Understand the Significance of the Missouri Comprehensive Guidance Counseling Program.
To provide you with new ideas and tools to use in your own MCGCP.
In Conclusion
The purpose of the MCGCP is to provide students with a successful education experience.
Program+Personnel=Results and advocates for your program.
The MCGCP benefits students, parents/guardians, teachers, the community, boards of education, administrators, and school counselors.
Individual Counseling
Small-Group Counseling
How many of you participated in Responsive Services when you were in school?

Would you be willing to share a quick example?
During the 1st six weeks of school, teachers identified students and referred them to the Care Team due to lack of motivation, poor grades, office discipline referrals, and attendance concerns.
Teachers, counselors and administrators were concerned that these students would struggle to be successful in high school and at-risk for be high school drop-outs.

Critical Issue
Effects of Community Outreach
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