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Thunder Cave

No description

Zack Wieland

on 15 March 2015

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Transcript of Thunder Cave

Thunder Cave
Book by Roland Smith
Book Talk by Zack Wieland
Major Characters
Dr. Robert Lansa
Jake is the main character of the book. He is half Hopi Indian, half Italian American and he is 14 years old. Jake is brave, smart, and stubborn. He goes to Kenya to find his dad because his mom died. He likes animals and he wants to save them.
Supeet is a Masai that Jake meets after he almost died along the river. He helps Jake recover and teaches him lessons about how to survive in Africa. Supeet is a helping and wise man.
Dr. Robert Lansa is a field biologist and interested in helping elephants. He is Jake's dad and is stubborn and determined. He is working in Kenya.
Donovan is one of the poachers. He is mean and wants the ivory from the elephant's tusks. He captured Jake and makes a deal with his dad to get the ivory.
Taw is Jake's grandpa who gave him a kachina doll who is the spirit that helped Jake survive in Africa. Taw also painted Jake's bike to look like a zebra! Taw is a nice and astute man.
New York City
Jake lives in New York City with his mom and step dad. One day, he finds out that his mom is in the hospital and died. Jake felt sad. Because he does not want to stay with his step dad or live with his aunt and uncle, Jake decides to run away to Kenya to find his dad. He sold his mom's jewelry to get money for his trip and got his passport and plane tickets all by himself. He visits Taw and tells him that he is going to Africa to see his dad.
Rising Action
Jake flies to Kenya with his bike and supplies. A group of people took his stuff. He finds his bike in a market and starts looking for his dad. Jake traveled for a few days, used survival skills, and even saw a lion close by. He got really sick from bacteria and almost died. Supeet found him and helped him feel better. Supeet is also on a journey to find Sitonik who will tell him where to find the cave that will make the heavy rains. Supeet teaches Jake how to sneak up to a rhino, how to find food, and how to think like an animal. They get to Sitonik and he gives them bones and tells Supeet how to do the rain ceremony. They see elephant poachers and Jake tries to save the elephants. The poachers catch Jake and Supeet saves him. Supeet gets blinded by a cobra. Jake guides Supeet to the cave where the rain ceremony is. Supeet starts drumming the rain ceremony. Jake leave the cave so he can get food.
Jake sees a plane and Donovan gets out. Jake thinks that he is nice at first but he is mean. He flies over Jake's dad's camp and wants the elephants for their tusks. Donovan tells Jake's dad that if he gets the elephants, he will give Jake back. Donovan takes Jake as prisoner at his camp. Donovan and Dr. Lansa make a deal where Dr. Lansa tranquilizes the elephants then cuts their tusks then wakes them up. Jake take his clothes off and rubs dust on his body and tranquilizes one of the elephants by using what Supeet taught him. Then, it started to rain from the rain ceremony.
Falling Action
The rest of the elephants got away to the cave. Jake's dad got shot in the leg by the poachers because Jake's dad shot a poacher with a tranquilizer dart. Donovan took Jake with the other poachers and made Jake lead them to the cave. Jake scared the elephants so they would stampede the poachers and get away. Supeet has his sight back and drives Jake to rescue his injured dad, and Jake put the receiver on the plane so they can track Donovan. They get Jake's dad and call the police on Donovan. Jake and the police catch Donovan while Supeet waits with Jake's dad for the ambulance.
New York City is where Jake lives with his step dad and his mom. They live in an upstairs apartment. New York City is the biggest city in the US. It's noisy and crowded.
Kenya is where Jake goes to find his dad. Poachers are killing the elephants for ivory there. Nairobi, Kenya's capital, have a lot of thieves because there are not enough jobs. Drought happens in Kenya. The rural areas have a lot of animals like lions, vultures, and rhinos.
Movie Trailer
Book Passage
Explanation of choice
Supeet gives Jake back the snake amulet and goes back to Masailand to live in Sitonik's kraal. Jake's dad keeps Jake with him but they move to New York for his leg to get better. They are finding a place in Poughkeepsie so they can be next to Taw. Jake misses Supeet and Kenya.
Chapter 23, Page 202
"My father's Land Rover slowed down and stopped. It was too dark to see clearly, but when he got out it looked like they frisked him. When they were finished they led him over to the tent.
'Dad!' I stood up."
I like that part because that's when Jake sees his dad for the first time in years. Jake feels happy. I feel happy that Jake sees his dad because he works hard to find him.
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