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Heaven is for Real

No description

riley kloostra

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Heaven is for Real

"Heaven is for Real" is an astonishing story of a brave little boy, Colton, who goes through a near-death experience. And what happens after his tragic days of being hospitalized, is what will really blow you away. In the beginning of the book, the heroic boy, Colton, is struck by what his parents think is stomach flu but it turns out to be much worse. Once Colton is rushed to a hospital and into a CT scan, the doctors come to find that his appendix has burst. The little boy is now rushed into emergency surgery. Shortly out of surgery, Colton admits to his father that he almost died. His father, the town pastor, is shocked and ready to learn more about his little boy's trip to Heaven and back. Finally, Colton's father builds up the courage to ask about his little boys trip: "How long were you in Heaven Colton?"

Colton simply answers: "Three minutes." Another clue that Colton shares with his family about Heaven is that while he was there, he met his unborn sister and actually talked to her. Colton even brings up the event of his great grandfathers death. Keep in mind he has never physically met his great grandfather. Yet, Colton claims that he has encountered him in Heaven. This is proved when he sees a picture of his great grandfather at the age of 29 and says, "That is what Grandpa looks like in Heaven!" If you want to learn more about Colton's journey to Heaven or you want an inspiring story then "Heaven is for Real" is the book for you!
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