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Spanish Armada

No description

Nick Wright

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Spanish Armada

Essential Questions 1) What two religious groups were part of the Spanish Armada?
2) What important event was occurring at the time of the Spanish Armada?
3) What was the significance of Queen Elizabeth to English Protestants?
4) How was the armada repelled? Why I Chose this Topic I chose this topic because I am intrigued by the history of Europe. And I was interested by the fact that such a small group of ships could defeat a navy. She was a devout Catholic queen of England
She began persecuting (persecución) many Protestants.
Her violent oppression against Protestants earned her the nickname "Bloody Mary".
She married Phillip II of Spain who was also a Catholic
Her sister, Elizabeth was a Protestant so Mary imprisoned her.
Many uprisings occurred during her reign. All of them failed. The Protestant Reformation (reformación) A large movement against the Catholic Church. Led by Martin Luther who believed the church had lost its way.
Revolution against the church began all over Europe and wars occurred.
One of the more conflicted areas at the time was England. Queen Elizabeth 1533-1603
Many Protestants saw Elizabeth as a way to end Mary's persecution of their people in England.
She was the symbol of the anger and revolution against Catholic English government without even knowing it.
Mary imprisoned her in the tower of London because of the threat she posed to the Catholic throne. Eventually put under house arrest.
Mary died in 1558 and Elizabeth became Queen (reina).
Ushered in a new Protestant monarchy, but treated Catholics well. The Spanish Armada Martin Luther Queen Mary I King Phillip 2 1527-1598
He was devoutly Catholic and against the reformation.
He married Mary I to unite England and Spain against France.
He eventually became the king of the Netherlands
Father abdicated in 1555 and made Phillip the king of Spain.
When Mary died Elizabeth became an inevitable enemy because she was Protestant.
Attempted to propose marriage to Elizabeth but she declined.

King Phillip ll By: Alfonso Wright The Armada (armada) The fleet sailed for England
The Spanish force was much more powerful than the British
On August 6, Spanish ships (barcos) anchored outside Calais.
England filled their own ships with explosives, set them on fire and sent them into the enemy fleet in the middle of the night.
The Spanish retreated but many more were lost to storms(tormentas).
This victory set up England as a major world power.
The war continued for fifteen more years. Vocabulary Fire Ship- Brulote
Ship-barco Sources •http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_I_of_England
•Google Translate Fire Ships (brulotes) The Road to Invasion Open conflict began in the late 1560s.
The Protestants in the Netherlands began a revolt and tried break away from Spain.
King Phillip started attacking the people of the Netherlands so as to prevent a revolution.
England pondered involvement. Neither side craved a war.
England was a prominent Protestant power
They feared a Spanish invasion, and thought that a friendly Netherlands would prevent this invasion, but assisting the Netherlands would be an act provoking the Spanish even more.
In 1585 they joined the revolution.

Phillip believed that England had basically started a war and decided to end it quickly by overthrowing Elizabeth with an invasion
Phillip began building an armada of 130 ships
The fleet was attacked in Cadiz by Sir Francis Drake, an English Sea captain who had attacked the Spanish many times before along the American coast and was secretly in the Queen's service.
But construction continued.
Sir Francis Drake Preparations
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