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Government Spending and the Effect on Happiness

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Jeff Gurney

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Government Spending and the Effect on Happiness

Government Spending and Activst Programs:
The Effect on Happiness
On Soceity How do you think increased spending and activist programs affect happiness? 3 Different Aspects of the Research

Happiness Over Time in America US Government Spending Compared To Other Countries Activist Programs, Do they Increase Happiness? Marginal Tax Rates:
1973: 70%
2008: 35% What does this mean to you? According To the Tresury Dept The country will face a "day of reckoning" if the federal government cannot control its spending.
-President Obama The United States is at 45% Obama's Debt Committee Works Cited:

-Colored Tables: GSS
-Blue Tables: World Values Survey
-Gini Coefficient: World Bank and CIA.Gov
-Debt: Treasury Department
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