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Elementary School Library Curriculum

This prezi is designed to describe the elementary school library curriculum to the school community.

Jenny Betten

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Elementary School Library Curriculum

Elementary and Middle School
Library Curriculum for Maryland by Jenny Betten
Spring 2011 Standard 1: Follow an inquiry process to define and refine questions and problems. Standard 2: Locate and evaluate sources and resources to meet the information need. Standard 3: Use an inquiry process to find, generate, record and organize information to meet a need. Find information from a variety of sources
Generate new information
Record and organize information Standard 4: Use an inquiry process to interpret recorded information to create new understandings and knowledge that meets the information need. Follow an inquiry process and connect the process to real life.
Identify an informatin need.
Determine the scope of the information need.
Formulate and refine questions to meet an information need. Standard 5: Use an inquiry process to share findings in an appropriate format that supports an information product and evaluate the product and process. Share the findings
Evaluate the product and information process
Standard 6: Demonstrate an appreciation of literature and multimedia as a reflection of human experience and use the inquiry process for life-long learning. Appreciate literature and multimedia
Demonstrate life-long learning practicaes
Identify resources that meet the information need.
Use safe practices when online.
Locate and select sources to meet the information need.
Evaluate sources to meet the information need. Use specific sources to find information.
Evaluate the relevance of information within a specific source to meet the information need.
Generate new information from interviews and surveys.
Record information in a variety of formats.
Use an appropriate citation style to create a source list.
Revist the information need.
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