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Introduction to Organ Systems

No description

Kimberly Kelley

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to Organ Systems

organ system

What is an
organ system
We learned that organisms are organized
levels of organization
We’ll talk more about that system later……..
Reproductive System
Provide barrier between body and environment; help maintain homeostasis
The Integumentary System…
Transports food and oxygen to the body's cells and picks up CO2 and wastes for disposal
The Circulatory System…
Includes kidneys, bladder and skin
Removes water and salts, carbon dioxide, and urea, all considered wastes.
The Excretory System…
Breaks down food into nutrients the body can use
The Digestive System….
Works with skeletal to move the body. Also helps to pump blood throughout the body.
The Muscular System…
Humans have 11 organ systems!
People do too!
….made up of all the organs that work together to do a major function(job).
An organ system is……
Organ system involved in creating a new organism
The Reproductive System…
Controls many of the body's daily activities through chemicals called hormones
The Endocrine System….
Detect and respond to changes in the environment; transmits information throughout the body.
The Nervous System….
Extracts oxygen from the air we breath and removes carbon dioxide from our blood
The Respiratory System…
Supports, protects and makes blood
The Skeletal System…
root system
Plants have organ systems!
What is an Organ System?
Includes bones, joints and cartilage
Includes muscles, heart, tendons, and ligaments
Includes mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine,
Includes lungs, diaphragm, trachea
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