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Mission Dinner 2010

No description

Aldar D

on 16 January 2012

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Transcript of Mission Dinner 2010

MISSIONS DINNER 2010 This small presentation is designed to help each volunteers to understand chain of events, logistics actions needed to effectively prepare and execute our annual event. Event's location The chairman of the event Darrell Jacques (D.J.)- contacted Diana (Church office administrator) and working on providing security D.J.- Is responsible to find greeters, who are also will hand out event programs and help arriving guests to find seats in at the tables in the court yard Security man: ...
Please contact DJ if you are volunteering for this possition Greeters: ...
Please contact DJ if you are volunteering for this position Simple scheme of BFC church grounds Sanctuary Courtyard Main entrace to event Parking Fellowhisp at courtyard 5:30-6:00, then Chairman of Missions Team-Alan Cornett will invite people to learn about BFC missionaries and mission fields in main sanctuary. He will also explain and encourage then participate in supporting our short term mission teams. Responsible Co-Chairs: Sharon Jacques/Nancy Cole If we run out of space on courtyard we may have some tables on grass. Barbershop quartet will perform 2-3 songs from 5:30-6:00pm to entertain guest who have decided to stay at the tables and fellowship. THEME FOR PROGRAM:


Missions Team Job: EDUCATE!! pathway to pickup dinner Cooking area Dinner
Kitchen help:
Set up/Tear down Buffet
Dishwashers Resposible Co-Chairs: Sharon Jacques/Nancy Cole Set up courtyard
Tear down courtyard
Table decorations Advertisement – Chairperson: Aldar Meanwhile other guest will be walking into sanctuary where along the walls guests can read materials introducing to mission fields with missionaries and short term trip groups as well.

Guests will also have an opportunity to be part of the short term trip by purchasing auction items. Ticket design, distribution, accounting
Flyers, posters, church bulletin, blog & emails
Program hand out for dinner
“Info Cards” – Facts about missions/missionaries Set up chairs and
Sanctuary Clean up: Chairperson: Paul/Allan At 6:00 pm Alan will invite people to form a line to the dinner buffet. Info Card & “Sale Card” for each STM:
BMT and Baja
“Sale Card” of each item <for auction>
Auction Set up team, Day of Dinner Auction Items – Chairperson Tula At 7:00 Alan will invite people to Sanctuary for Program – Co-Chairs: Darrell Jacques/Allan Cornett; Charyla Olsen/Cameron Spranger; Sam McKelvey; Drama/Skits: Cameron Spranger
Testimonies of STM: Charyla Olsen
Music: Sam McKelvey
Main Speaker: Doug VomSteeg


This is God’s <Jesus Christ Father> event. Ask for His guidance!

Prepare your hearts for the tasks

Prepare attendees’ hearts for change/difference of program, that they would be informed and blessed
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