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Environmental Disaster Project

Nakul Chauhan

on 23 August 2016

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Bhopal Disaster
Sandoz Chemical Spill
December 3, 1984
November 1, 1986
Of Red Waters and Thick Air
Prof. Nakul Singh Chauhan
Bhopal, India
American-owned Union Carbide Pesticide Plant
Methyl Isocyante (MIC) gas cloud is released over city
Approximately 3,000 people died within a few days after the spill
50,000 people treated for side-effects
100,000 Chronically ill from spill
30,000 ill from poisoned wells and pipes
Groundwater pollution and soil contamination has tainted the area
Chemicals have yet to be properly cleaned up
Population continues to be harmed
Union Carbide Factory closed right after incident
1989: Settlement made by company with Indian Government
Paid $470million to victims
1987, Carbide officials charged for multiple offenses inculuding culpable homicide
1992, warrant issued for CEO's arrest
Dow Chemical, after merger, refuses to take responsibility for spill
2002, India seeks extradition of former CEO
Safety standards said to be compromised by tight budget
2004, compensation plan established
About $370million to be paid to 570,000 viticms
Donations continue to be sought by small organizations
Sambhavna Clinic established by "The Bhopal edical Appeal"
The Bhopal Factory continues to pollute the area.
Basel, Switzerland
Sandoz Agrochemical storehouse
Fire broke out in storehouse where chemical were stored
Toxic fumes released by flames
Chemicals flowed into the Rhine River by efforts to extinguish fire
14 people treated for inhaling fumes
30 tons of pesticides deposited into river, the most impoatant in Western Europe
Pollution threatens to spread to the rest of Europe
Reversed 10 years of clean up
The Rhine turned pink from the chemicals
About half a million fish were killed
Some species said to be eliminated entirely
Public outcry resulted in Rhine Action Programme in 1987
Sought to have salmon popualtions return by 2000
Wished to see discharge rate of chemicals cut by 50%
Passages for fish traveling upstream to be provided
Restore spawing grounds in upper tributaries
Overall riverside quality restored to allow native animals and plants to inhabit it
1997, Salmon populations returned to the Rhine
Safety precautions of compnaies around Basel have increased
Catch basins now employed to catch water used to exstinguish fires
50% reduction of nitrates and phosphorus
Around 80%-100% reduction in other pollutants found in the river
The Rhine 2020 Programme aims to make the river clean enough to swim in.
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