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Level Up! Video Games for Learning Algebra

No description

Maria Andersen

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Level Up! Video Games for Learning Algebra

Level Up!
Video Games for Learning Algebra Maria H. Andersen, Ph.D.
facebook.com/ibusynessgirl Level 1:
Why Games? Level 2:
What IS
a game? Level 4:
Games Level 3: Become a
Math Game Critic Level 5:
Good Algebra Video Games? Puzzle Game Bermuda Triangles
(Monterey Institute) Mayan Math Monster Factor Feeder (Hooda Math) Math Dress Up Absolutely
(Monterey Institute) OOP Chains Colored Counters Manipulatives Trinomial Traverse Block Games Waker (by Gamebit) Instructors Playing Games
(This could be YOU!) Math Baseball Factortris (Hotmath) Flower Power (Manga High) Line Gem (FunBased Learning) Algebra and the Cockroaches Math Jeopardy Let the
games begin. props that support active learning, there is no explicit goal or system of rules Real Number Tiles Math Bingo Sequence Puzzle A formal system where rules are important, but every player who finishes has the same end state. Choices don't affect the outcome, only the speed at which it is obtained. A formal system where rules are important and the choices of the player affect the outcome. Balance between boredom and frustration Schemata: Moving procedures to autopilot Categorization:
Compare and Contrast Entrancing Absorption Illustrations
by Mat Moore This doesn't mean you have to have video games... Operation Math Just because it has the word "game" in the title, that doesn't make it a game. Wrong in so many ways Some are just puzzles ... Many look like they would be good on the surface but ... Sorry, this one is lame too... Hungry Fish (an iPad game) Square Logic (an iPad Puzzle) Ice Ice Maybe (Manga High) DragonBox (iPad) Algeburst (iPad) Entrancing Absorption Algebra Meltdown (Manga High) Algeboats (iPad) The Wrecks Factor (Manga High)
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