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taylor eckstein

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Solu

How Bike's Became Popular
-1.7 billion people use bikes for doing
bike racing.
The modern day bicycle has evolved alongside with technology.
The First Bicycle
*In 1817 the hobby horse was considered the ancestor of the modern bicycle.
One of the first bikes were called hobby horse.
The bike kept improving every single year. They
were getting more and more popular year by
The bicycle had two wheels, with one wheel being located behind the other wheel. The bicycle didn't have cranks or levels. Instead the rider pushed on the ground using his feet.
How Bikes Change Over
-The boneshaker was 5,290 dollars. The
person who made the bike was unknown.
The bike had a design that was from France.
How People Use Bikes
-But back then bikes were used for riding
them for vacation.
-The penny was one of the hardest bikes to
get off. It is about 54 inches tall.
-Mike Sihyard
The bicycle was first introduced in the 19th century in Europe. As of 2003, more than 1 billion bikes have been produced throughout the world. That is more than twice the number of vehicles that are currently in the world. Bikes have become fashionable with many accessories.
In many regions the bike is the main way that people get around. The bike is used for fitness, by the military and police, as well as for racing.
Edited by Callinus
21st Century Bicycles
They are designed on computers and built with materials that are stronger, yet lighter then ever before. Bicycles use electronic gadgets to monitor speed, and to even change gears. The modern day bicycle is a more effective transportation machine.
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