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The Coffee Maker

No description

Ethan Clarkson

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of The Coffee Maker

The Coffee Maker
Mr. Lauren uses innovative techniques to create the first coffee machine
By: Ethan and Andrew
The first coffee percolator invented by James Mason
The Coffee maker is an essential machine used in the brewing of valuable coffee beans. 54% of Americans over 18 drink coffee everyday!
The first patent of the espresso machine brought by Desiderio Pavoni
Melitta Bentz made the first 'drip' coffee maker. Also, inventing the filter made of blotting paper.
A Japanese American chemist comes up with the idea of just add hot water 'instant' coffee.
Nestle (Swiss food production company) starts mass production of their new instant coffee recipe
Today's modern espresso machine is invented by Achilles Gaggia patent number 365726 and the modern steam coffee machine had arrived.
1946 - present
Coffee becomes one of the most popular morning drinks in the world.This is because it is a good energy drink and becomes very easy to make.
Product Information:

Invented in 1818 by Mr. Lauren in Paris, France. The device is said to have had hundreds of variable patents before it. The metal pot
Product Information:

When was it invented: 1818

By Whom? Mr. Lauren

Where? Paris, France

Has many patents, such as the original coffee pot. The coffee pot has had MANY patents before it because coffee was founded around 800 A.D. by the Ethiopians
What type of Engineering is used?

The type of engineering used to invent/create the coffee maker is mostly mechanical. Some aspects include electrical so the mechanics can operate.
Who is the primary consumer of this product?

Coffee is the most consumed drink in the

world.People that use coffee makers work

in corporation's, hospitals, banks, and

small businesses along with families.
What improvements have been made?

There have been many improvements that

that have made the coffee maker better

such as it is made of plastic, and is

powered by electricity . In the past you had

to boil water then pass through the filter

made of paper.

If we could change the product in any way, we

would make coffee makers more

intelligent by making the the machine able

to to email you if it is low on coffee and I

would make it have a touch screen.
What is the global impact?

Coffee is the most consumed beverage for

breakfast in the world. Countries like

Colombia, and Brazil, coffee is their major

export. Coffee is a global commodity,

It’s the worlds most traded product.

Millions of people are employed in coffee


There are many patents for the coffee

maker such as the Keurig machine patent,

Decaffeination Process patent, and Mr.

Coffee patent, Cuisart patent, and

Osterizer patent.
Why was the coffee maker improved?

These improvements were made to make

the coffee maker easier to use and clean.

No one likes grounds in coffee. Now

people want machines to better designed,

And less costly.
What was its need ?

Coffee, in the past, was always over

brewed, causing bitterness. Using a filter,

the grounds were separated from the

coffee. Malinda Bentz was the first toused

blotting paper as a coffee filter.

Original Coffee makers were made of steel

plastic, glass, and filters were blotted

paper .
Coffee maker design

Coffee makers, years ago , were made with

a pump, a handle for grinding, steel, and a

handle for holding it because it was to hot

to hold.


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