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Ashley tisdale

No description

kaitlyn chieh

on 24 September 2010

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Transcript of Ashley tisdale

Ashley Michelle Tisdale 1985 Ashley Tisdale was born in West Deal, Monmouth Country, New Jersey on July 2, 1985. Born by Lisa Morris and Mike Tisdale, the manager of a construction company. Ashley has a grandmother call Sally Ann Tisdale. Ashley is an American singer, songwriter, actress and a television producer. Ashley has one younger sister, Jennifer Tisdale she was also an actress. This is important to Ashley, at the age of two, and three Ashley met her current manager Bill Perlman at a New Jersey mall. The manager sent Ashley into a audition for commercials. She told the manager that she wants to be in the commercial so she told the manager to let her audition. She was a brave girl. 1993 1989 1991 1987 She is still working on auditions for TV shows. In the late 1990's Ashley had in many minor roles in several television show such as "The Hughleys", "Smart Guy" and "7th Heaven". At the age of eight, Ashley was cast to play the part of Cosette in a national touring of the musical les Miserables. 1995 In 1995, Ashley's favorite television show is "Friends". This program started on 1994 to 2004. 1997 This is an important day for Ashley, at the age of twelve, Ashley sang in the White House for Bill Clinton. Her passion includes singing and music. She likes to listen to pop music and has included ballads and pop rocks.Her musical influences includes : Christina Aguilera, Lindsay Lohan, Kelly Clarkson,The Used, Boys Like Girls, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga. She can play some guitar but she plays instruments for fun as a hobby. 1999 In the late 1990's, Ashley has been performing most of her life 2001 2003 2005 In the early 2000's, Ashley has been in several television. Her first movie she was in was "Donnie Darko" as Kim. She had a short part as Kim, the dorky girl. It was the first movie she was in. In 2002 ~ 2003, Ashley was in "The Mayor of Oyster Bay" as Jennifer. "The Mayor of Oyster Bay" is a TV movie. 2007 In 2007, Ashley was in "High School Musical 2" as Sharpay Evans and "Whisper of the heart" as Yuko Harada (voice role) 2009 2011 2013 In 2005~2006, Ashley played in "High School Musical" as Sharpay Evans. Sharpay Evans is one of the main character. Sharpay and her twin brother Ryan Evans (Lucas Grabeel) are the co-presidents of East High Drama Club. In this movie, Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron, Corbin Bleu, Lucas Grabeel and Monique Coleman are all friends of Ashley Tisdale. Vanessa is her best friend, they go out together, they are supportive to eachother, Ashley even call her "My twin sister". In 2008~2009, she played in "Picture This" as Mandy Gilbert, "High School Musical 3-senior year" as Sharpay Evans and she played in "Aliens In the Attic" as Bethany Pearson. In 2010, Ashley is playing in "Hellcat". Hellcat is an American cheerleading comedy-drama. This comedy-drama has started on the 8th September 2010. It has seven episodes. In 2011, she is working on "Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension in Fabulous 2D" as Candace Flynn (voice role). She also is working on "High Skates" as Sharpay Evans. In 2012~2013, she is planning to play "The Last First Time" as Miranda THE END Sources:

By: Kaitlyn Chieh

23rd September 2010
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