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The Interlopers

No description

Sarah Brailey

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of The Interlopers

The Interlopers
By: Sarah Brailey and Bailey Smith
Period 2

Ulrich von Gradwitz
Ulrich is wealthy landowner.
He owns a stretch a land that was argued over and hunted on by Georg Znaeym, his neighbor.
His planned for Georg to be killed.
After being trapped under a tree, the two men became very good friends.
Georg Znaeym
Georg refuses to accept that the disputed land is all owned by Ulrich, so he continues to hunt on it.
He thought that the villagers would be amused when they heard that him and Ulrich had become friends.
When? and Where?
The Interlopers is set in the Carpathians mountains in Eastern Europe.
It occurs at night.
The author's real name is Hector H. Munro.
His pseudonym is "Saki".
He was born December 18, 1870 in Burma.
His mother died when he was 3 years old and he and his siblings were raised by their aunts in Britain.
In 1899, he published his first short story "Dogged".
Saki died from a sniper fire in WWI on November 13, 1916.
Types of Conflict
Man vs. man
This type of conflict occurs when a character struggles with another character.
It usually occurs between the protagonist and the antagonist of the story.
Examples of Conflict
In "The Interlopers" there is an example of man vs. man conflict between Ulrich and Georg.
There is an example of man vs. nature conflict between the men and the tree and the men and the wolves.
There is also an example of man vs. self conflict when the men have to get over the hatred for each other.
Man vs. fate
This type of conflict occurs when the character is battling against his destiny.
The character is usually does not want to do what he is expected to do.
External Conflict
An external conflict is between a character and an outside force.
Internal Conflict
Internal conflict is between a character and his/her self.
Man vs. nature
This type of conflict occurs between a character and force of nature.
When man vs. nature conflict occurs the character is usually sick or dying.
Man vs. self
This type of conflict occurs when the struggle takes place within his/her own mind.
When man vs. self conflict usually happens when the character is making a difficult decision and is overcome with emotions.
Man vs. society
This type of conflict occurs when a character is battling with his/her society.
For example, the character might be fighting for freedom or certain rights.
*This is an example of a fallen tree, similar to the one that crushed Ulrich and Georg.
*This is an image of a rifle. This relates to the story because Ulrich and Georg were both said to have rifles when they met.
*This is a picture of a wolf pack, similar to the one that attacked Ulrich and Georg in the story.
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