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Presentation Tips: Problems & Solutions

HHH Summer 2014

Leanne Cameron

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Presentation Tips: Problems & Solutions

Presentation Tips:
Problems & Solutions

HHH Summer 2014
-What presentations do you have to do?
-What presentations do you foresee for your Humphreys Fellowship work?
-What are your biggest challenges with presentation?
-What is the most difficult aspect of giving a presentation, for you specifically?
Presentation Challenges: Discuss
Problem #1:
I get nervous and I speak too quickly when I give a presentation.
Problem #2:
When I give a presentation, I try to make eye contact, but people aren't always looking at me. I don't want to stare at one person for too long. How do I make eye contact without seeming strange?
Problem #3
I'm not really comfortable, so I read my speech from a paper instead of delivering it naturally.
A solution: In large letters, write
at the top of each page to remind yourself as you present.
Public Speaking, or speaking in front of groups to give a presentation or speech, is a universal fear. Hear what Jerry Seinfeld has to say about it- do you agree?
A solution: Find 3 or 4 "friendly" faces who are looking at you and seem encouraging. Move in between those people- look at one for a few seconds, then the next one. Keep your eyes moving between them and it will seem like you are giving eye contact.
A solution... there are many!

Here's one: Instead of writing full sentences for each point or idea, limit yourself to single words or short phrases. Make a list of key words or concepts for each slide.
Problem #4: I get so nervous that I shake when I present in front of people. Sometimes, I can't keep my hands from shaking.
Solution: A podium or lectern
If you know when and where you will give the presentation, request a lectern ahead of time. You can hold onto the sides of the lectern, and it won't look unnatural.
Problem #5:
I'm a boring presenter. People always fall asleep when I give a presentation.

It can be hard to make every presentation interesting, especially if you have a dry topic. You can, however, have an interesting and grabbing introduction.
Ideas for a Hook or Introduction:

-Shocking statistic: e.g. 16% of U.S. children are obese
-Quote or saying: e.g. “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” Henry Ford
-Surprising or provocative thought: e.g. Within our life time, we will own domestic robots which will perform our household chores.
A sensory object: a picture, model, sound/music, smell, a physical action.
e.g. Memory skills presentation: have the audience smell sprigs of rosemary. Then explain that recent studies indicate the smell of rosemary enhances memory
From Queen's College, Canada
Sources for more information:
- Present like Steve Jobs

- Lehigh University's Overcoming Anxiety:

- Queen's College Learning Strategies: http://www.queensu.ca/learningstrategies/grad/presentation/module.html
Another solution:

If you shake a lot, try to "transfer " the nervousness. Try to tense another muscle instead, like your calf muscle.
Another solution:

Find a speaker that you respect. Watch several of their speeches or presentations, and try to figure out why they are a strong or interesting speaker.
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