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Author's Purpose

No description

Amaly Snowdon

on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of Author's Purpose

Author's Purpose
is the author's reason for writing a text.
What does he/she hope the reader will take away from reading it?
Why did he/she write the article?
What audience is he/she writing to?
Author's purpose
To inform
To entertain
To persuade
Authors think about their audience when writing. Who will read it?
Is it a begginner or an expert?
Is it a friend or a stranger?
Is it someone who already agrees with them, or are they trying to change someone's mind about a topic?
Guitar Hero is the best of all of the Wii games. When you play Guitar Hero, you feel like a real rock star. This game is much more fun than any others. When you choose a Wii game, make sure that you choose Guitar Hero.

1) Inform
2) Entertain
3) Persuade
The NFL's Vince Lombardi Trophy returned to its title city Sunday night after the Green Bay Packers emerged as Super Bowl champions. At this year's Super Bowl XLV, the Packers scored a hard-earned 31-25 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

1) Inform
2) Entertain
3) Persuade
The Packers are one of the greatest teams in the NFL. Their recent victory in Super Bowl XLV should be proof enough. If that’s not enough to convince you, look at Aaron Rodgers’ stats – surely one of the current strongest quarterbacks in the game.

1) Inform
2) Entertain
3) Persuade
Joe had been fishing for over two hours without a single bite. Suddenly there was a nibble at the end of his fishing line. He stood up on the boat and leaned out too far. Just then there was a sharp yank on the line. Joe fell overboard and landed head first into the water.

1) Inform
2) Entertain
3) Persuade
Tim Jackson has always been a friend and public servant to education in this state. In 1996, he passed legislation to make community college programs more affordable. He has long been an advocate for smaller class sizes and better preschool programs. If you want to keep education a priority, vote Tim Jackson this November. No other candidate will ensure the success of your children in school the way he will.

The author’s main purpose in this text is most likely to:
1)Inform the reader about how to vote in an election
2)Entertain us with a story about Tim Jackson
3)Persuade the reader to vote for Tim Jackson
Exit Ticket: What is the PURPOSE of our upcoming Chesapeake Bay essay (persuade, inform, or entertain?) How do you know?
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