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Amber wu

on 6 May 2016

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Transcript of ARCHITECTURE

History of Architecture-Rome
of architecture design--
Tower of Pisa
Amber n9260641
JUNE 27, 2014
Bachelor of Design(Honours)(Architectural studies)
where could I work?
Career prospects

My name is Amber Wu.

I am from Shenzhen in the south of China.
The faculty which I want to study in is Architectural Design.

One of my reasons is that I am a creative person because when I was a child I loved painting and designing some creative things,which were very funny and always attracted my friends' attention.

My father is an architect too .He is looking forward me to joining his company in the future.
Interior designer
Urban planning
Landscape designer
Construction documents design
Building project designer
It is widely known that Romans were good at architecture and engineering. Jones. (2014) states that “Before the Romans, the most commonly building style was the post and lintel. This way of building was of course limited in the weight it could carry and therefore the span between the supports. "Also Columns and Arches are the essential elements in Roman's building. Roman used it to hold up huge and heavy buildings.

Alchin.(2014). believes that "The history of Ancient Roman Architecture was divided into two distinctive eras. The first era was of the Republic where the origins of the architecture of the Romans can be traced to the Etruscans, who migrated from Asia Minor to Italy in the 12th Century BC. The second era started in 27BC and is classed as the period of the Empire. "
The reason why the Romans were good at architecture is that they had a variety of regional sources and styles. Because they had capture so many different tribes and countries as part of their empire (Alchin. 2014).

Words Peculiar to My Future Profession
a method or manner of jointing that makes the united parts clear, distinct, and precise in relation to each other

is the examination of nature, its models, systems, processes, and elements to emulate or take inspiration from in order to solve human problems

: the pleasing or harmonious arrangement or proportion of parts or elements in a design or composition

the state or quality of being clear

a drawing, not necessarily representational, that outlines, explains, or clarifies the arrangement and relations of the parts of a whole


consisting of or bounded by curved lines represented by a curved line

the shape and structure of something as distinguished from it’s substance or material

the design, proportioning, and disposition (arrangement) of openings in a building

a system of elements ranked, classified and organized one above another, according to significance or importance

uniform in structure throughout or composed of parts that are all of the same nature or kind
Architecture engages with the design, theory and practice of making spaces and environments for human activity. The profession of architecture has an extensive history as a practice and academic discipline. Developed from an apprenticeship model of professional education, workplace experience is still a requirement for professional registration and recognition of architects. This historic relationship with workplace learning still strongly informs architectural education at QUT.

Architecture closely relates to built environment and urban planning disciplines such as civil and structural engineering, quantity surveying, and property economics and management
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Didier Boy De La Tour.
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A New Global Style for Architecture and Urban Design
.AD Architecture Design-Digital Cities.Retrieved from

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Wayman,E. (2011).What is it about Roman concrete that keeps the Pantheon and the Colosseumstill standing?.
The Secrets of Ancient Rome’s Buildings.
Retrieved from

Words Peculiar to My Future Profession
the state or position of being placed close together or side-by-side, so as to permit comparison or contrast

to combine, blend, or unite gradually by stages so as to blur identity or distinctions

a unified composition of two-dimensional shapes or three-dimensional volumes, especially one that has weight, density, and bulk

moving along in an orderly often ceremonial way

the exterior framework of a mass or form

balanced proportions; correspondence in size, shape, and relative position of parts on opposite sides of a dividing line or median plane or about a center or axis

having the apex, vertex, or end cut off by a plane; or stopping short from a completed expression

tartan grid
a design of straight lines of varying widths and distances, crossing at right angles


the characteristic structure given to a surface or substance by the size, shape, arrangement, and proportions of the parts

the science or art of shaping, ornamenting, or assembling materials in construction

11 Caroline Street
M: 0410354294
E: wululu227@gmail.com


June 2014 – February 2015: Foundation at QUT International College
2010-2013: Secondary Education at the high school with in Shenzhen University

• Good at Politics in high school and usually graded in one of the top 20
• Science level test GPA: B+
• Completed professional art test of Communication University of China
in 92nd place

2012 won gold prize in Poster Design competition
2010 won gold prize in Chinese Scissor-cut competition
2007 won gold prize in Chinese essay competition
2006 won sliver prize in China & Japan Painting and Calligraphy
international competition

Volunteer work in pharmacy in sales
Heao Pharmacy
Longgang District
Shenzhen City
Guangdong Province

RenXue Yan middle school tutor PH:13902960946
DunShe Ning high school lecturer PH:13691813156
(Google image)
(Wikipedia image)
(Wikipedia image)
About Me
History of Rome
Tower of Pisa
The bird's nest
Career Prospects
Homepage of My Faculty
Words Peculiar to My Future Profession
Reference list

Woods are one of the most universally applied construction materials in the world.

Architectural Record.(2014) argues that “In recent years, technical advances have given birth to a wide range of process innovations, such as CNC milling and off-site assembly, as well as engineered-wood products with enhanced performance properties.”

Therefore, designers have new interest in wood and have started to explore "its aesthetic appeal, structural potential and environmental value."
(Architectural Record ,2014)
Parametricism, which is a style rooted in digital animation techniques ,has become the dominant design style in the 21th century.Schumacher.(2008).In its simplest form it means computer assisted architectural design.Furthermore,this style claims relevance on all scales from architecture and interior design to large scale urban design.(Schumacher.2008).
Location: Pisa, Italy
Architect: Several Hands at Work
Year: 1372
--Olympic Stadium (The Bird's Nest)
Location: Beijing, China
Architect: Herzog,de Meuron&Li Xinggang
Year: 2008
This stadium impressed people most in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Now, it's the center of international or domestic sports competition and recreation activities (Excellence in Tours.2014).

This Olympic Stadium is one of the few sporting venues that truly stands as the symbol of a city.

Herzog and de Meuron.(2008) states that "This design was the relationship of covered spaces,of architecture to the park and to nature."
Meanwhile ,they put the highest value on the interspace between inside and outside .so this is the entire 3D structure.As a result,this structure almost breathes.

Craven.(n,d) attests that"The Tower of Pisa was designed as a bell tower (campanile) but its main purpose was to visually attract people to the cathedral in the town of Pisa. "

The reason why this building is famous is that it has kept its informal tilt for nearly 1000 years. According to historical records the building was interrupted by wars and when this was resumed,the tower was already leaning at an angle (Craven.n,d).
Thank you for listening !!
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