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The Eleventh Plague Book Report


Jack Anderson

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of The Eleventh Plague Book Report

Book Review By:
Jack Anderson Short Summary:
1. The U.S. is at war with China
2. China releases the worst biological weapon in history (P11) on the U.S., and almost wipes out the whole population.
3. Stephen Quinn, the 15 year old son of two survivors, learns to survive and grows up alone in the harsh ruins of the post war U.S. The Core Idea

Human beings don't like to be alone. They need family, friends, and the security and support of an organized democratic society. "Conflict" Describes a Core Idea of the Text
The war between U.S.A. and China
Slavers try to capture/control everyone else
Conflict between Jenny Green and citizens of Settlers Landing due to prejudice
The threat between Settlers Landing and Fort Leonard
The problems between Will Henry and Stephen Quinn due to jealousy
The struggle for power between Caleb Henry and Settlers Landing citizens Passages That Support the Core Idea
"I had said it a hundred times before and I'd say it a hundred times again. 'Its still dangerous out there.'...'I'll come back,' Jenny said. 'I'll always come back. This is my home.'"
(Pgs. 267 and 270)

Despite her bitterness and independence, Jenny finally admits that she needs a place to call home just like everyone else. Passages That Support the Core Idea
"Mom's hand grazed my cheek, then took my shoulders and brought me in between her and Dad so I could feel the warmth of their bodies and the steady rhythm of their breath, in and out, all around me." (pg. 245)

As Stephen loses consciousness in a battle, he thinks about a loving time with his family who are now all gone. This shows that he really needs the support of a family to take care of him. Relationships Between Our Society And Possible Futures
If we continue to experiment with and develop biological weapons, there is a risk that we could wipe out most of the human population.
With so few survivors, much of what we take for granted today (clean water, readily available food, transportation, electricity, communication, and comfort items like T.V. & the internet) would be gone. "It's Thanksgiving today, we think, and I'm sure most of us remember that from back when we were kids. Every year we'd gather the whole family and spend the day together, eating and watching football and arguing"
(Pg. 76)

Marcus is reflecting on the contrast between the comfort and safety of his life before the war and the harsh basic world he lives in today. Stephen is very clever, cautious, guarded, quick thinking, and dependent. Stephen,
the character Some of Stephens struggles are the loss of his mother, grandpa, and, eventually, his father, and his lack of a circle of friends. Stephen's motivations are survival, his love for Jenny, and the longing for family and friends. Stephen is very clever when he decides to make a plan to blow up the oil truck, so the jeeps with machine guns will run out of gas quickly.

"I leapt into the camp, running as hard as I could to the grenades...I was even with the fuel truck and stopped. I took the grenade and yanked out the pin. I pivoted to the camp. The dreadlocked man had the jeep turned around now and was only seconds from getting away with it. I thought of John Carter pitching as I wound up and threw the grenade at the side of the fuel truck. The boom of the explosion was deafening" Supporting Passage Supporting Passage A symbol for Stephen would be an ankh, which is the egyptian symbol for everlasting life, because he is a survivor.
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