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The Chinese Culture

No description

Jacob Denomy

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of The Chinese Culture

Dress Negotiating Background Info China attaches much importance to its clothes on etiquettes
The chinese dress as formally as possible for occasions and they avoid wearing revealing clothes in public for example women always wear long dresses
To business meetings men and women usually wear suits
If you have wealth in China it is ok to flaunt it, wearing jewelery and expensive clothing is accepted
In addition, the Chinese wear lots of red because it represents luck and fortune Appointments Always make an appointment if you want to meet with someone never just show up
make sure to give plenty of notice a week is normal and always say who will be attending
When you are making a business appointment be ready for the date to be changed around a lot until you find a day you both agree on however be sure not to postpone or cancel your appointment on short notice
It is extremely important to the Chinese that their business partners are punctual as this can be a key aspect in strengthening your relationship with the Chinese, which can make or break your meeting
It is best to schedule meetings between 10-1130am or 130-530pm because lunch hour is normally around 12-1 and dinner is usually anytime between 530 and 9
When making an appointment be aware of the Chinese holidays, trying to schedule an appointment on one of their holidays is considered disrespectful Lang Lang New Zealand It is important one knows Chinese
gestures before traveling to the nation because some of their gestures are unique to traditional North American gestures
In China the gesture for "no" is a tip of the head backwards or a scratch of the head whereas agreement is usually signified by linking the pinky fingers
A promise can be represented in China by placing the hand over the heart
Clasped hands over the head means "thank you" and clasped hands over the chest symbolizes "good wishes"
In Northern China people say "thank you for serving me by placing their hand in an "ok" gesture
Some negative gestures in China include: scraping a finger on your cheek which signifies "shame on you", pointing is considered very rude so people tend to use their whole hand to point and the up yours gesture looks like this When it comes to negotiating, Chinese are very relationship oriented, they believe that getting to know each other and building trust is important during a negotiation
The Chinese do not like being rushed and jumping right into business discussions ensure that you are patient and that you have a long introduction process with them
The Chinese avoid confrontation during negotiation so if they agree with everything you say do not become overconfident and make sure that you don't start confrontation with them as this can be considered rude in the Chinese culture which could ruin a business or relationship opportunity
It is very rude in the Chinese culture to interrupt so you will find they will listen a lot and talk little, this is normal however if they do talk avoid interrupting them as it is disrespectful in their culture Lang Lang is called the "hottest artist on the classical planet" and the "worlds ambassador of the keyboard"
He appeared in times top 100 most influential people in the world.
He played in the 2008 grammys, and has his own shoe Lang Lang Adidas.
He continues to be asked to play with the most prestigious orchestras around the world. Faye Wong she is known as the heavenly queen
Faye was in the Guinness world records for being the best selling canto-pop female
She in known throughout China for her support for women campaigns.
Everywhere you go in China you hear her music being played in stores and restaurants In China, a product or service that would have to be modified is a bikini. Its very rare in China to see a women in a bikini due to their strict clothing etiquette and if someone was to wear a bikini it would draw lots of attention from other people . The bikini would have to be modified into a much more conservative swimsuit that covers more skin. Sources By:Duncan
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