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on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of NDP

Should Canada have more private health care?
Canada's Military Defense
Environmental plans would be put in place for ...
New Democratic Party
It's goals are established by social democracy
Prosperity and social justice go hand in hand
NDP cares about many social services provided by the government
Wants to ensure the environment, elderly, health care, equality, and economic security are being taken care of
Promotes a peaceful and a development for a transition of economy to socialism though continuous social reform of capitalism
It's goals are established by social

-Medical marijuana
Thomas Mulcair is the current leader of the NDP. He was elected in the 2012 leadership election.
A majority of doctors say that medical marijuana should be legalized nationally and that it can deliver real benefits to patients.
NDP supports marijuana use but with strong government control.
The NDP feels that if regulated properly the income generated could help fund social programs such as health care, low income housing and funding for support groups.
NDP is anti-Canadian Armed Forces. NDP opposes giving the Canadian forces an excessive amount of money. Mulcair already feels they have enough, “They’ve increased military spending… They’ve spent on things that weren’t necessary." NDP is more focused towards spending money on health care and the environment. The NDP has also become uneasy about increased military integration with the United States. It would jeopardize Canadian Authority. The NDP has been critical of America's tendency for military interventions in world politics, and instead favours more peaceful interactions through the United Nations.
The party sees lots of opportunity on energy if it can just get Canadians to listen and believe it can do it
Believes Canadians can benefit from their resources while striking the right balance for the environment
The NDP are challenged to convince Canadians it can manage the economy

The NDP have always believed that health care, dental care, and prescription drugs should be free to all Canadians.
Improved health care, long term care, and improved end of life care.
Free prescription drugs for every person
A complete overhaul of health care for Aboriginal people, prisoners, and immigrants.
Reducing wait times for surgical procedures.
Expanding public health care, including dental costs and prescription drugs.
Carbon Pricing
Greener energy
Great Lakes
Protecting Public Land & Water
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