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Freytag's Pyramid

No description

Derek Dietz

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of Freytag's Pyramid

Freytag's Pyramid
in Mary Shelley's

This is the essential information we receive at the beginning of a novel or short story. Usually, characters are visually described, setting is specified, and the conflict is established.
Rising Action
Every major event in the story that complicates the conflict or involves a major character. As the plot moves forward, these events build on each other until they reach a fever pitch.
Rising Action
The creature escapes and murders a small child. Viktor's close friend and confidant is framed for the murder and executed as a result. Viktor, who knows the true perpetrator of the crime, remains silent.
The emotional strong point of a short story or novel. The conflict is not resolved, but it is made obvious here.
Rising Action
The creature demands his master to create a mate for him. If he does not cooperate, the creature will destroy everything and everyone that Viktor loves.
Falling Action
Viktor encounters a sailor exploring the North Pole and recounts his story of horror to him in the safety of a ship.
Falling Action
Everything that happens in the story as a result of the climax. The odds and ends that are wrapped up in the final moments of the story.
The moment at the end of the story
when we can notice a visible
change in the main character.
Viktor tells the reader about his
past history growing up in Austria.
We learn about his family and his
Viktor works through the night to create a creature made up of former human beings. His work is struck to life one night by a lightning strike.
On the night of Viktor's
wedding night, the creature
breaks into the home and
murders Frankenstein's
new wife.
Determined to hunt down the creature, Viktor pursues his creation across Europe for the next several years.
Viktor passes away quietly in the ship,
upset at himself for unleashing such a
terrifying beast upon the world.
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