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Woyzeck VIsion Concept

No description

Lauren Shepherd

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Woyzeck VIsion Concept

Original Performance Conditions and my interpretation Influences from Practitioners How is it relevant for a modern day audience ? i am focusing on a very naturalistic setting for the piece, with each character having their own space which helps to reflect their character traits. How it is different from the original performance Conditions Humanity is an important trait to modern society any questions ? music Staging Original: Strongly influenced by German theatre/practicioners e.g. Brecht
My interpretation is not in the style of Brecht
Has Brechtian influences- exposing the upper-class to the audience/highlighting their ignorance Artaud These are things which are seen more often and which people are often used to hearing about. i would use the idea of a symbolic blade which would be a symbol on the set and throughout the costumes , which represents the actual knife that woyzeck kills Marie with, making stronger the sense of foreboding. Woyzeck Vision Concept Woyzeck Marie Drum-Major Aims and Themes To create Woyzecks Dream- world for the audience to experience For the audience to empathise with Woyzeck For the audience to identify the separation in classes and how it affects Woyzeck Exposing the ignorant upper-class e.g. Doctor, Captain Entering Woyzeck's world and how he perceives it A realization for the audience. They will understand Woyzeck's fear/pressure in his life Using blood/gore to shock audience Interpretation of key characters Marie Doctor Woyzeck Captain For the audience to empathise with him
Scared Careless
Intimidates Woyzeck
Encourages, ignites Woyzeck’s paranoia Self- involved
Ignorant Flamboyant – vocally, phyiscally
Intimidating Adultery Murder poverty Madness Sexuality Costume i have chosen a basic simplistic costume to represent Marie because, throughout the play she symbolizes a young, free minded girl, however by making it red it forebodes her death and white represents her innocence. Woyzeck i have chosen to dress Woyzeck in dirty clothes so that it shows his state of madness but also allows a contrast between the other characters that are wearing cleaner clothing. i would dress the drum major in a very traditional costume as this shows his status above the other characters and also by making it clean it shows the contrast between him and Woyzeck Drum - Major Doctor Marie I would continue to use costumes to show the differences in class in the world of the play. Not only would dressing Woyzeck in dirty clothing make him seem like an unpleasant being, contrasting his costume to cleaner, nicer clothing worn by the captain and the doctor would clearly show the different levels of social structure that the characters exist in. Dressing the characters in these starkly different costumes would also add to Woyzeck’s lack of humanity, for if the captain and the doctor are dressed in normal clothing, then they will be seen as the most ‘human’ onstage, especially when they are compared to Woyzeck and his costumes. This constant torture and dehumanization of Woyzeck eventually leads Woyzeck himself to doubt his own humanity. When the captain mocks Woyzeck, telling him that he has no virtue, Woyzeck says, “us common people, we don’t have virtue...Virtue must be nice, Cap’n. But I’m just a poor guy” Who holds the power ? Woyzeck Drum- Major Captain Doctor Andres Margret Everyone! Which Leads to Manipulation Who is left out ? Marie Because everyone throughout the play describes her as something . i have chosen this staging because it allows the characters to each have their own space within the stage and by linking the colors of the set with the characters costumes it allows the sense of foreboding through the piece. the only character that wouldn't have their own space would be Woyzeck as throughout the play he gets more and more dehumanized he becomes part of every other character and therefore intrudes in their space more and more as the play goes on and they get more involved with him. i have chosen to use this music for the opening of my piece and for when the audience are walking in as it gives a sense of surreality and when you occasionally hear the percussion it is almost like a clock ticking down in woyzecks head until he becomes unstable and eventualy kills Marie. Rehearsal Techniques i would Consider experiment with having the doctor talk in 3 rd person Proxemics between Doctor & Captain use woyzeck as a puppet Drum-major and Marie

Very sexual and aggressive towards each other

What Woyzeck would imagine- his mind
Marie- Cat- being flirtatious and alluring

Drum-major, bear like, very aggressive, growling, leading with chest etc

Woyzeck on stage with them Scene 7 Scene 1 specific examples i would have a droning noise playing while Woyzeck is talking with Andres which gives of the impression that Andres is only a figure of imagination. when looking at lighting i would look at the Use of earthy colors for example blues and green and light browns which again help to show that woyzeck is once again talking to andres who is not real. the lighting throughout would be quite dim when actors not talking, and circular spotlights would be on Woyzeck with andres standing further back in the shadows of the light. this would impact the audeince because with it only being the first scene they will not know who Andres is and will automatically see him as this character of mystery. Scene 3 as the showman mentions the animals and describes them, i would show woyzeck as if he is in a hyptonsied state, where woyzeck would take on the role of the animal i would have a spotlight on Woyzeck with Marie in shadows alongside the showman almost recognizing the animals as animals and not as Woyzeck. this would impact the audience because it would be showing them woyzeck in all of his madness. it would also show that woyzeck is not classed as being human but is been shown as not even part of the lower class of society but much lower. i would have a bright white light blinding audience so all they can see is shadows when he is killing Marie. this would come from the lights which were across the back of the stage. i would use natural Sounds to give off the impression of location. this makes it alot more visceral for the audience and as they are being blinded by the light they are not able to see the killing, heightening the senses and making them imagine what has happened. scene 21 this would impact the audience as they would not be expecting the light the blind them, making it a more shocking scene which grabs their attention. i would dress the doctor in a very simplistic traditional doctors costume as this shows his professional and again shows his social status compared with Woyzeck
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