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ACC 808 Presentation

Sustainability Reporting

Brittany Diamantoni

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of ACC 808 Presentation

* Green initiatives
- Reducing emissions, recycling, etc.
* Human initiatives
- Human rights activities, gender equality, etc.
* 'Triple Bottom Line' Sustainability Reporting THANK YOU! What is Sustainability? Who has a Stake? Accountant's Role? * Customers
- Support responsible companies
* Investors
- Consider sustainability risks
* Businesses
- Reflection of you * Develop sustainable practices
* Manage these practices
- Accounting, reporting, etc.
* Demand is there- now we must respond! Stakeholders want to know... Is sustainability reporting the answer? Accounting for Sustainability Project (A4S) * Prince of Wales in 2004
GOAL: Sustainability becomes DNA Government's Role Achievements * EPA requirements
* SEC concerned with financial impact
* SEC and Conflict area reporting International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) Annual A4S Event Sustainability Case Studies UN Conference (Rio +20) * Integrated reporting consensus
* Published International Integrated Reporting
Framework Outline
* Launched feedback program * 200 Representatives
* Guest speakers (i.e. The Prince of Wales)
* Roundtable discussion * Move towards sustainable economy
* A4S spoke on the importance of:
- Global sustainable development goals
- Performance metrics
- Increased integrated corporate reporting * Collaborated with academics
* Highlights:
- Good practices and common pitfalls
- Sustainability's impact
- Data collection and performance measurements Content of Sustainability Reports * Strategy and Profile
* Management Approach
* Performance Indicators 1. Year in Review
2. Welcome Letter from Board
3. Detailed Aspects
- Water, climate change, etc.
4. Key Data and Sustainability Performance

** Ranked 25th by Newsweek ** 1. Strategy and Analysis
2. Organizational Profile
3. Governance, Commitments, and Engagement
4. Environmental and Product Responsibility
5. Human Rights and Society
6. Economic

** Ranked 87th by Newsweek ** Auditor's Role * Not mandatory
* Investor concern
* Europe is leader
* Big 4 leading market Sustainability Rankings * Dow Jones Sustainability Index
* Newsweek's Green Rankings
* STOXX Sustainability Indices
* NASDAQ OMX CRD Global Sustainability Dow Jones Sustainability Index Newsweek's Green Rankings * Corporate Sustainability Assessment
- Triple bottom line scoring
- 80-120 questions * Environmental Score:
- Impact
- Management
- Disclosure
Note: Rank Top 500 (more than DJSI The Future... * 'Quadruple Bottom Line'
- Perspective
* Anticipative
* Innovation
* Education is the future... Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) History Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) GRI Vision GRI G3 GRI G4 * Founded 1997 by Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies
* 1998 Steering Committee
* First version launched 2000
* 2001 CERES and GRI separated
* 2002 second generation guidelines G2 “A sustainable global economy where organizations manage their economic, environmental, social and governance performance and impacts responsibly and report transparently.” ** BALANCE TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE ** * Guidelines since 2006
* Two parts
1. How to Report?
2. What to Report?
* Increased reports produced * Fourth generation guidelines
- Currently being developed
* Open to public comments
- 14 August to 12 November * Independent non-profit organization
* System to measure, disclose, and manage
environmental information
* Global Advisor: PwC CDP Reports * Cities 2012
* Investor CDP Global 500
* CDP SC Report
* CDP Water Disclosure Brittany Diamantoni
Craig Jaquette
Mike DeBona
Ray Liu The SEC said it "was not expressing
an opinion on whether the
world’s climate was changing." Agenda * Sustainability Reports
* Auditor's Role
* Government's Role
* Reporting Initiatives
- Accounting for Sustainability Project
- Global Reporting Initiative
- Carbon Disclosure Project
* Future Outlook
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