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My path to Graphic Design

No description

Maria Nimo

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of My path to Graphic Design

Graphic Design My Way What I knew about Graphic Design At the Beginning of this Project Throughout This Conclusions Graphic Design Is...... The communication of ideas and messages through the use of art and technology Why Graphic Design I have been interested in graphic design since I was in the grade 11. Creating art that communicates and is versatile always seemed like a good path for me to take. Also, I would be able to to make art while getting paid. Being a graphic designer seemed like a more stabler career choice than a painter. My first choice. I learned.... Research Skills........ Definition The art and profession of selecting and arranging visual elements—such as typography, images, symbols, and colours—to convey a message to an audience. Sometimes graphic design is called “visual communications.” "http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/graphic%20design" What a graphic designer does Job Outlook Skills ......... PAY!!!!!! Graphic designers get paid an average of $44,000 a year
$20.00 an hour If I want a better pay I might have to become: Anesthesiologists $90.00 per hour and $187,200 a year
Obstetricians and Gynecologists $90.00 per hour
and $187,200 a year
Network and computer system administrators $35.00 an hour and $70,000 a year Phyhttp://www.careerinfonet.org/oview5.asp?Level=Overallsicians and Surgeons, All Other $90.00+ $187,20 Graphic designers create visual concepts, by hand or using computer software
communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers
Make color, images, or logo designs that represent a particular idea or identity for advertising and promotions Uses for graphic design Identification Logos Brands Publication Magazine
Books Advertisement
Entry-Level Education Bachelor’s degree
Number of Jobs in 2010: 279,200
Job Outlook in 2010-2012: 13% (average)
Employment Change in 2010-2012: 37,300 http://www.bls.gov/ooh/Arts-and-Design/Graphic-designers.htm The first place I went to start this project was the internet. I wasn't very sure if I even wanted to do my project on this subject or how I would do it. so I figured if I looked around the internet and gathered some information it would help me make my decision. Anesthesiologists are physicians who provide medical care to patients
They delivering anesthesia to patients during surgery
Care for critically ill patients in ICU
Handle emergencies like cardiac arrests and traumas
Take care of transfers of unwell patients
Handle chronic pain conditions. Undergraduate college degree, including pre-medical requirements
four years of medical school.
four years of residency training: one year medical or surgical internship followed by three years of anesthesiology training.
fellowship year of training in areas such as pain management, cardio anesthesiology, pediatric anesthesiology, neuro anesthesiology, obstetric Job of an Anesthesiologist: Education: Job of an OB/GYN: Pre-natal checks
Pap smears
Annual exams
Outpatient surgeries
Deliver babies (about 12-15 deliveries per month)
Cesarean sections
Gynecological surgeries Education Undergraduate college degree, including pre-medical requirements
four years of medical school.
four years of residency training: one year medical or surgical internship followed by three years of OBGYN training.
fellowship year of training in areas such as maternal fetal medicine, reproductive endocrinolog, uro-gynecolog, gynecological oncology, and laborist Job of a Network and Computer system Administrator Typography Design and use of typefaces as a means of communication
The art, craft, and techniques of type design
Typography includes calligraphy, digital type, type on web pages, the creation of new type, the use of letters as part of designs, the modification of type glyphs and arrangement of type
Uses typefaces and the whitespace around and through them to create a whole design
performed by typesetters, compositors, typographers, graphic artists, art directors, and clerical workers
Typography used to be specialized occupation before the digital age Type glyphs are characters created by a lot of different illustration techniques.
The arrangement of type involves:
selection of typefaces and point size,
tracking (the space between all characters used)
kerning (the space between two specific characters)
leading (line spacing). Visual arts are works which are usually visual like traditional media, photography or computer generated art
Coloring and painting Visual Art Involves the arrangement of the content on a page like image placement, text layout and style
In print media, the contents of a page usually consist of the text, pictures, and sometimes place-holder graphics Place holder graphics are for things that aren't printed with ink like die, laser cutting, foil stamping or blind embossing Page Layout n Tools Education A four year Bachelors degree is more preferred then a two year associates degree University of Baltimore doesn't have a graphic design program but it has a Digital Communications program that includes graphic design which I don't like
The courses have almost nothing to do with graphic design A lot of graphic designers have become involved in interface design
Interface design includes:
Web design, software design, the combination of visual and interactive communication skills, online branding, working with software and web developers, creating the look and feel of a web site or software application, Icon design Actual tools:
Creativity for making new logos and images
Judgment for picking images and font that project your message
Critical and observational thinking are required for design and page layouts Technical tools:
Color pencils
Drawing tablet
Drawing software like: Photoshop, Coral draw, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Dream weaver Making art by printing on paper or surfaces
This process can produce multiples of the same piece (a print)
Every piece printed is not a copy but an original because it isn’t a reproduction of a work of art but an impression.
Prints are created from a matrix
Types of matrices include: plates of metal for etching, stone for lithography, linoleum for linocuts and fabric plates for screen-printing Print Making Interface Design Employers usually prefer four year Bachelors degree instead of a two year associates degree.
University of Baltimore has a great Information System and Technology management . Education Maintain and operate a computer system and network
Install, support and maintain servers or other computer systems,
planning for and responding to service outages
Scripting and programming
Project management for systems-related projects
Supervising or training computer operators
Consultant for computer problems beyond the knowledge of technical support staff
Protect information and services from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction Analyzing system and identifying potential issues with computer systems
Introducing and integrating new technologies into existing data center environments
Performing routine audits of systems and software
Performing backups
Applying operating system updates, patches, and configuration changes
Installing and configuring new hardware and software
Adding, removing, or updating user account information, resetting password
Answering technical queries and dealing with often frustrated users
Responsibility for security
Responsibility for documenting the configuration of the system
Troubleshooting any reported problems
System performance tuning
Ensuring that the network infrastructure is up and running. Trouble shooting problem solving
knowledge of operating systems , application, hardware and software
Be able to work under various sorts of constraints and stress
Being able to quickly give correct diagnoses
Need to be able to work well with others
Communication and problem solving skills
Being able to install and configure hardware and software.
Know several programming languages used for scripting
Strong grasp of computer security Skills What they do: Duties include: As a Career Graphic design has always seemed a little easy to me. I do it all the time, I'm always painting or drawing on my laptop. I make posters every chance I get. I'm even creative with my choice of fonts and type when I'm just taking notes.Graphic designing was the first real career that I thought I could enjoy. I have always wanted to do something with either art, computers, or cultures and after I learned that a graphic designing is a mixture of two of the things I loved, I decided to pursue it Education University of Baltimore has a bachelors graphic design program
I want to get a bachelors in graphic design and web design or publishing because I would like to work for a fashion magazine. I would also like to learn a different language, that way I could work in a different country, that way I could combine my three interest I really don't like the thought of being held responsible for other peoples lives. The thought that just one mistake that I make could end or damage someones life is way too stressful Conclusion: No Conclusion: No!!!! Just the thought of watching the miracle of child birth up close and in person makes me sick. I don't think any amount of money could make me pick this as a career Conclusion: Yes!!! Seems like a great career This project was a little harder to do then a normal research project because I had to not only present my research but the process of how I got it. It was hard for me to do because I usually get distracted easily and I tend to jump from topic to topic while researching, so I was afraid that if I did too much of that, my project wouldn't make any sense. I chose to use Prezi, hoping that it would be a more efficient way to help me organized my thoughts. I also liked the visual aspect of it because I would be able to have something to look at and interact with while doing my project. This way I wouldn’t be bored and stray off task. I picked a really simple layout in the beginning. It had one line the middle and 3 circles. I planned on talking about what I knew about graphic design before my research, during my research and my overall thoughts on it. But three soon turn into a whole lot and my simple Prezi turned extremely complicated. This projected really reminded me about how much I love different cultures and how I really want to study abroad. While on this exploration of research I ran across a lot of study abroad programs that I could apply to. There where all kinds of programs in place like South Korea and the UK where I could be able to study and go to school while learning about a different culture. If I had to do this project again would pick this same topic because it has helped me answer questions I didn’t even know I had. I gathered so much information during this project and I still have so many questions about some of the new things that I learned. Through more research and asking questions I plan on finding the answers and to my questions. I have learned a whole lot through this project. This project helped me realize how I haven’t really figured pout what I want really do as a career. I’ve always thought that UB had a graphic program because that’s what I was told. During this project I learned otherwise. This was a shock to me since I was planning on majoring in graphic design. Also I found out that graphic designers don’t make that much money even with a bachelors degree. When I found this out I got side tracked looking for careers that paid better that might interest me. I actually found that I'm really interested in network and computer system administration and not just because it pays better. I contacted Mrs. Peggy Dragger owner of G.R.A.C.E Photographic in Edgewood, Maryland. During my Interview I talked to Mrs. Dragger about what it took create a graphic design business of her own and how she acquired her business and graphic design degree. She talked about how her study abroad experience in college helped pick her major. I met with Theresa Davis, My guidance Counselor at the University of Baltimore because she was the best way to consult with about majoring in graphic design. Interviewing her was very helpful. She let me know that UB doesn’t even have a graphic design major but instead a Digital communications program that evolves graphic design. We looked at the courses it required and I realized that there wasn’t a lot of actual graphic designing in his major. We talked about my interest and what I was interested in and she and I picked something else for me to major in. I chose to double major in simulations and game and network and computer system administration since I was interested in both. Interviews: Citation Drucker, J and McVarish, E. (2009)'Graphic Design History: A critical Guide'. Pearson Education
Meggs, P. B. (1998). A history of graphic design. New York: John Wiley & Sons.
Poggenpohl, Sharon Helmer. "What Is Graphic Design?" AIGA. The American Institute of Graphic Arts, 22 Jan. 1993. Web. 25 Nov. 2012. <http://www.aiga.org/guide-whatisgraphicdesign
Gregory , T. (2003) How to Design Logos, Symbols and Icons: 24 Internationally Renowned Studios Reveal How They Develop Trademarks for Print and New Media, pp:48
Pollard, J and Jerry, J. Creative Computer Tools for Artists: Using Software to Develop Drawings and Paintings, November 2001 Introduction
Glaser, M. (1973). Graphic design. Woodstock, N.Y: Overlook Press.
Smith, Alan Jay, Author. (n.d.). Trends and Prospects in Computer System Design. Computer Science Division.
Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2012-13 Edition, Network and Computer Systems Administrators, on the Internet at http://www.bls.gov/ooh/computer-and-information-technology/network-and-computer-systems-administrators.htm (visited November 25, 2012) Interview Citation Theresa P. Davis Freshman Adviser
ACL building 5 floor
tdavis@ubalt.edu Peggy Drager Owner of G.A.C.E Photographics
571 Jamestown Court Edgewood, MD 21440
Tele: 443-866-7811
Fax: 410-676-8054
Email: gracephotographics@gmail.com Study Abroad I found out that even though UB doesn't offer a lot of study abroad programs, the school will work with me if I find one out side of the school that I am interested in
Programs like Global links semester and year long study abroad programs to places like University of Seoul, Swineburne University of Technology, Kent University....
I also learned that if I get my TESOL or TEFL certificate I can travel and teach English abroad. I thought this was great because I could travel anywhere I wanted and I would have a job to help me afford it.
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