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Ben holman

on 18 August 2015

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Evolution Of The Guitar
1950 - 2013
B.B King
Career 1950–2005
Justin Bieber
B.B King
Riley B. King

B. B King says he plays whatever he feels like. If that's the case, I wonder what is going inside his head because he plays some really unique guitar.
Did you know that B.B King has won 15 Grammy Awards?
He also has won a Lifetime Achievement Award , and membership into the Grammy Hall of Fame. Since starting his career in 1949, King has released over 50 albums – with his most recent solo album "One Kind Favor" coming out at the age of 83!

This is just a bit of why I think B.B. King is one of the most accomplished musicians of all-time.
I also believe that B.B King is one of the coolest musicians of all-time!
B.B king is also the only famous guitarist who names all his guitars the one name. B.B king names all his guitars Lucille.
Jimi Hendrix
career 1963 - 1970
Johnny Allen Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix is perhaps the most clever electric guitarist of all time, combining blues, hard rock, modern jazz, and soul into his own unique sound.

Jimi Hendrix might of been clever but he wasn't wise because in 1961 he was forced to join the army because he had stolen two cars.
In 1969 he was arrested in Canada because he had heroin and hashish in his possession.

Jimi Hendrix died young at the age of 27 but in the years of his life he produced some great music,
producing over 50 songs and some of them are still popular today.
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Peak of his career 1980's
Eric Clapton
Main stages of career 1970 - 1990
Stevie has regularly achieved a lot of credit for his albums and guitar playing and he is rated number 7 in the top 100 greatest guitarists of all time. He also made it into the Blues Hall of Fame in 2000. Sadly, that was ten years too late for him, because he died on August the 27, 1990 In the years of his life he has sold over 500,000 albums.
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Eric Clapton
Child hood
He has been in the music industry since the early 1960s all the way through to 2010
Born 30 March 1945
Slow hand
Eric Clapton's nick name is slow hand. This is because Eric played the guitar so hard the strings would break. When he broke a string on stage, he simply change his strings while the crowed clapped slowly.
First band
The first band that Eric Clapton was in was called the Roosters in 1963.
From there he went on to a band called the Hens and further on to the Chickens band (not really)
Eric Clapton grew up in England. He was raised by his Grandparents.
John Mayer
Career 1997 - 2013 +
John Clayton Mayer
young adult
Love for Music
John Mayer
Born October 16, 1977
After High School John Mayer worked at a service gas station for $7/hour for 15 months. He then used the cash he made to buy a Stevie Ray Vaughan (sounds familiar) signature Stratocaster. (guitar)
John Mayers obsession over music scared his parents. His parents got nervous when he said his love for playing the guitar that they made him see a psychologist...Twice!
John Mayer has many tattoos. The first one that he had was the number 77 which represents the year that he was born.
Love for music went further
John Mayers love for music grew further he is now a musician, songwriter, record producer, columnist, graphic designer, photographer, comedian, television host
Ben Holman
Possibly the greatest guitarist of all time
career 2014 +
Ben Holman
Ben Holman is someone that all The Greats look up to. His skills, techniques and awesome rhythm makes him know throughout all the world.
B.B King
Jimi Hendrix
Eric Clapton
Stevie Ray Vaughan
John Mayer
Mystery Person
The mystery person is revealed
Not only over time did the style of music and musicians changed but so did the types of guitars
Another thing that I learned was that even old musicians like B.B King and Jimi Hendrix are still well know today. I think this shows that the style of music your Mum or your Dad, Grandpa, Grandma listened too is getting passed down through the generations. In-fact I think in 50 years time these musicians will still be remembered.
Grandma, Grandpa
Mum, Dad
You, Me
Passed down through the generations
The End
But Wait...
What Have I learnt
What have I learned from this
I think in 50 years time guitar will change so much more. Instead of having 1 neck guitars there will be 3 neck guitars, there also might be buttons that make the sound you want to play automatically.
The Evolution Of Guitar
1. Guitar through the ages
4. Music past down through the generations
3. The parts of a guitar
5. Les Paul and Leo Fender
How the guitar has evolved
As electric guitars become more common, more rock players modified their acoustics to play more like their electric guitars. Manufacturers picked up on the trend and began to produce acoustic guitars that had more of an electric guitar feel. That included narrower necks, thinner neck profiles and lower action set ups. Although the modern day guitar designs have changed over time, some components have remained the same, such as strings, holes in the base and a pear shaped style.
Electric guitar design and construction varies greatly as to the shape of the body, and configuration of the neck, bridge, and pickups. However, some features are present on most guitars. The photo below shows the different parts of an electric guitar.
1. Headstock
1.1 Machine heads
1.2 Truss rod cover
1.3 String guide
1.4 Nut
2. Neck
2.1 Fingerboard
2.2 Inlay fret markers 2.3 Frets
2.4 Neck joint
3. Body
3.1 "Neck" pickup
3.2 "Bridge" pickup
3.3 Saddles
3.4 Bridge
3.5 Fine tuners
3.6 Tremolo arm
3.7 Pickup selector switch
3.8 Volume and tone control knobs
3.9 Output connector 3.10 Strap buttons
4. Strings
4.1 Bass strings
4.2 Treble strings
The Evolution Of Guitar
1. Guitar through the ages
2. How the guitar has evolved
3. The parts of a guitar
2. How the guitar has evolved
4. Guitar past down through the generations
5. Les Paul and leo Fender
Les Paul and Leo Fender
These two people are the makers of the electric guitar. Leo Fender was born August 10, 1909 and died March 21, 1991 (aged 81) His Guitar company is called Fender. Les Paul called his guitar company Gibson. Les Paul was born June 9, 1915 died August 12, 2009 (aged 94).
Les Paul and his company Gibson
Les Paul was a quite good guitarist himself. In the 1940s Gibson new electric models became firmly established. People began to work on ways of applying the solid body of the Hawaiian and steel guitars to regular instruments. Les Paul also know as Lez Paul, first guitar that he made was using a telephone and a old pice of railway track. The track was used for the body of the guitar and he dismantled the telephone and used it as the pickups and a lot of other wiring inside the guitar.

The Gibson models have been used on many of the most famous rock and roll recordings of all time. Players such as Angus Young, Tommy Emmanuel and Slash have all chosen Gibsons as their primary instruments. Though the company has undergone many changes over the years, it still remains a leader in the world-wide guitar.
Leo Fender and his company Fender
From an early age, Leo showed an interest in tinkering with electronics. When he was 13 years old, his uncle, who ran an automotive-electric shop, sent him a box filled with discarded car radio parts, and a battery. The following year, Leo visited his uncle's shop in Santa Maria, CA, and was fascinated by a radio his uncle had built from spare parts and placed on display in the front of the shop. Leo later claimed that the loud music coming from the speaker of that radio made a lasting impression on him. Soon thereafter, Leo began repairing radios in a small shop in his parents' home.

In the spring of 1928, Leo graduated from Fullerton Union High School, and entered Fullerton Junior College that fall, as an accounting major. While he was studying to be an accountant, he continued to teach himself electronics, and tinker with radios and other electrical items. He never took any kind of electronics course while in college. In 1933, Fender met Esther Klosky, and they were married in 1934

So, in 1938, with $600 dollars he borrowed, Leo and Esther returned to Fullerton, and Leo started his own radio repair shop, known as "Fender Radio Service". Soon thereafter, musicians and band leaders began coming to Leo for PA systems, which he began building, selling and renting, and for amplification for the amplified acoustic guitars that beginning to show up in the southern California music scene, in big band and jazz music

Leo Fenders Radio company soon grew to a guitar company, In which is going great and I think Fender is one of the biggest guitar companys in the world.
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