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Role of RMG Sector in Bangladesh

HRM-380 presentation

Who Am i ?

on 10 May 2012

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Transcript of Role of RMG Sector in Bangladesh

1976 Women Empowerment Cheap Labor Export Quota in Role of Ready Made Garment Sector BANGLADESH - The golden fiber of Bangladesh tend to be as the
number one earning source even in 70's "JUTE" In RMG industry contributed only 0.001 percent in
export earnings In 2005 The contribution RMG sector turned to 75 %
in export earnings
BANGLADESH exported garments worth the
equivalent 0f $6.9 billion in 2005 Currently There are more then 5,000 firms
More then 95 % of those firms are
locally owned
Few foreign firms are located in Export
processing zones Significant issues related to Bangladesh
Ready-made Garment industry 1977-80 2005 1982-85 1985 1990s 1993-95 2003 Early period of
Growth Boom Days Knitwear sector
significantly Child labour
issue & its
solution Withdrawal of
Canadian quota
restriction Phase-out of
export quota
system Imposition of
quota restriction Locations of RMG Firms in Bangladesh DHAKA CHITTAGONG NARAYANGONJ RMG manufectured in Bangladesh are divided broadly into Knitwear Woven Garments 41.31% 38.02% 2.50% 2.45% 2.68% 2.92% 1.22% 0.85% 1.80% 1.80% Challenges on Growth of RMG sector Infrastructure Compliance & working conditions Raw materials Economical &
Instability Facts about "Labor Unions" in Ready-Made Garment sector Replaced by READY-MADE GARMENTS Weak Labor movement
Lack of unique labor ideology or philosphy
Underdeveloped labor unions
Dependency on political parties and leaders
Majority of illiterate rural women
Profit-seeking owners Labor productivity across countries(2009) 100% 92% 88% 77% 68% Conclusion From 3.60 million workers in RMG sector, 2.88 million are women Contribution of Ready-Made Garments in Economy Improving Standard of living by creating employemnt
Earning Foreign Currency
Adding value in GDP
Attracting Foreign Investors
Increasing face-value of Bangladesh TWO catagories The END Name: Tanjina Alam
ID: 0921056
Course name: Industrial law and relation
Course Instructor name: MD. Harisur Rahman QUESTION?
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