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Tortoise, Hare and Rat

No description

Hannah Hammond

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Tortoise, Hare and Rat

Math Project
April 2013
Hannah Hammond
Core 2 Tortoise, Hare, and Rat Tortoise, Hare, and Rat Narrator: The Tortoise and the Hare were having a their long awaited rematch.
Hare: Ha, ha!!! I'm going to beat you this time!
Tortoise: Slow and steady wins the race.
Rat: Can I race tooooooo??? Pleeeeeeease?
Narrator: The tortoise and the hare were so annoyed by Rat's whining they decided to let him race with them. But, there was a catch. Tortoise, Hare and Rat (cont.) Hare: Let's tell him that the starting line is the finish line!
That way we can race without being disturbed.
Tortoise: Awesome idea! Let's do it!
Narrator: The hare and the tortoise followed through with their plan. The moose (who was the judge) decided that the tortoise would get a 1000 foot head start, the hare would start at the start line and the rat would have a 1200 foot head start. Tortoise, Hare and Rat (cont.) Narrator: Before long, the animals were in their places.
Bang! The pistol cracked. They were off.
Commentor: Aaaaand, there goes hare, off like lightning! My speed detector say he is going six feet per second!! Tortoise, Hare, and Rat (cont.) Commentator: The tortoise is going at a slow, but steady pace of 3/4 of a foot per second. What?!!! The rat is going backwards at a rate of two feet per second. They've all crossed the one minute mark: the hare is at 360 feet, the tortoise is at 1045 feet, and the rat is STILL going backwards and he's at 1080 feet! Tortoise, Hare, and Rat (cont.) Commentator: Aaaaand, at 72.72 seconds, and 1054.54 feet the tortoise and the rat cross paths!!! Tortoise is still going steady!! There he goes! The tortoise might win again! The hare has just said goodbye to the rat at 900 feet, and 150 seconds! Ooooh!!! The hare is catching up to the tortoise...he passes him! At 190.47 seconds and 1142.85 feet form the starting line, the hare passes the tortoise!!! Looks like the hare is going to make a comeback after all... Tortoise, Hare and Rat (cont.) Commentator: There he goes!!!!!! The hare won! At 220 seconds the hare crosses the finish line! He ran 1320 feet in 220 seconds! Massive cheers from Bear, Moose, Beaver and me, the Porcupine! Good job Hare! Let's see, tortoise is still going and he crosses at 426.6 seconds. Hare won by 206 2/3 feet and one-hundred fifty-five seconds! Tortoise, Hare and Rat (cont.) Commentator: The rat has finished...except he crossed over the starting line...BUT, that doesn't matter because he finished 3rd at 600 seconds! The race is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The end!!!!! Answer:
Winner: Hare
Margin of Victory:
206 2/3 seconds
155 feet If the race is a quarter-mile long, who will win and what will be the margin of victory? Answer:
Time: 600 seconds When will the rat cross the starting line? Answer:
Tortoise: 1045 feet
Hare: 360 feet
Rat: 1080 feet After one minute into the race, how far will each runner be? Answer:
Time: 150 seconds
Distance from Start: 900 feet When will the rat and hare pass each other and how far will they be from the starting line? Answer:
Time: 72.72 seconds
Distance from Start: 1054.54 When will the tortoise and the rat pass each other and how far will they be from the starting line? Answer:
Time: 190.47 seconds
Distance from Start: 1142.85 feet When will the tortoise and the hare pass each other and how far will they be from the starting line? Table Graph By: Hannah Hammond
Core 2
April 2013 Math Project (see printout) (see printout)
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