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Social Commerce

Social Commerce with magento & facebook

John Jawed

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of Social Commerce

magento+facebook @johnjawed
https://github.com/johnj/ on the timeline value the opinions of other people
value the opinions of our friends even more we value other experiences
previous brand experience "hey JJ - this is the best wetsuit I've owned and I think you'll love it"
is more direct than
"this wetsuit got a great review"

direct recommendations are more influential as people as consumers direct/indirect recommendations what is social commerce? friends (traditional) and
positive signals for
products (iPhone, Hyperdunk+)
brands (Apple, Nike)

enabled by the new facebook Open Graph API the social graph social product attributes

enabled by your catalog and backed by eBay's comprehensive product catalog product graph improved click-to-sale for merchants ~.13% increase in CTS for products w/social commerce information greater user engagement increase in average time on page social marketing presence on the facebook timeline social commerce an open API for developers commerce platform agnostic easy-to-integrate send product UPC/GTIN/SKU
get back social data in JSON magento extension available one-click install, custom template friendly magento + facebook
1. setup facebook application
2. setup magento
3. setup an X.commerce developer account
4. configure social commerce extension let's get down to it 1. https://developers.facebook.com/apps
2. Create your application
3. Create your object ("product")
4. Create actions ("want" & "own")

Important stuff:
- App ID
- App Namespace
- App Secret facebook setup 1. Grab the magento social commerce extension:


2. Install the extension
3. Logout of magento - otherwise you will get a 404 on the configuration page (to reset the permissions) magento setup X.commerce setup X.commerce setup 1. go to the Social Commerce configuration
(System -> Configuration -> X.commerce
& Facebook)
2. Click on "Generate an Authorization file"

3. Download and select authorization file
4. Remember that Facebook app info?
Now's the time to fill it out X.commerce setup 5. Authorize the extension by clicking on "Authorize Extension"

6. Enable on the frontend -> "Yes"
7. Setup actions (want & own)
8. Save Config merchant site merchant name store logo product link (to merchant site) action object >=PHP-5.2
ext/xcom (install instructions ahead) what you'll need ext/xcom is a PHP5 extension in PECL (github, too)

makes working with X.commerce /really/ simple

supports asynchronous HTTP requests (pthreads) what is ext/xcom 1. grab the source:
git clone git://github.com/johnj/php5-xcom.git

2. Ubuntu/Debian environments:
Run the mkdeb-apache2.sh script
dpkg -i the package

Linux environments:
a) phpize
b) ./configure
c) make install installing ext/xcom one last thing, facebook moderates
the actions!

don't forget to get them approved
before going to production!

otherwise this will only work for your own developers products an ecosystem of commerce API's

used in social commerce to handle message delivery
(authz/authn) of storing & fetching social data X.commerce UX makes shopping decisions easier

for themselves
for others

especially around accessories and smaller
purchases for shoppers john jawed (everyone says JJ)

working at X.commerce (eBay) on projects that range from Linux kernel modules to magento & php extensions, embraced open source in '03 w/the FreeBSD project

I stand on the shoulders of giants and I try to appreciate them by paying forward (not back)
most of my work is on github (johnj) about me “We aren’t human beings, we are social beings” - [my] Grandpa

people interact with people

people we trust more become “friends”

advice of friends is more valuable to us

we all have questions – friends and communities help us find the best answers

most people don't want to be the beta test

someone else should have had prior experience (especially a friend) in e-commerce, best-selling products have the most favorable reviews, most # of reviews

low volume of reviews puts merchants at an inherit disadvantage quantity matters indirect recommendations – a commodity, ubiquitous and necessary

well established flows around consumer reviews, rating systems, popularity

almost everyone has some variant of a indirect recommendation systems

facebook “Like” widget indirect recommendations direct recommendations – powerful but untapped, unexplored

a recommendation from a trusted friend to buy a Nikon D90 is more valuable than a consumer review on a random site direct recommendations
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