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MAX MSP Physical Modeling

No description

Rebekah Wineman

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of MAX MSP Physical Modeling

MAX/MSP Physical Modeling
Rebekah Wineman
& Brendan Gaffney

(New Objects)
Can be used with..
What Is Physical Modeling?
Manipulating noises produced by various algorithms to replicate a physical musical instrument.
Ins and Outs of Karplus-Strong String Synthesis:
How does this work?

"When you don't succeed try try again..."
Final Product
Physically modeled plucked- guitar
Our patch...
Karplus-Strong model;
Used to simulate plucked strings
Looping wave through delay filter
"Subtractive Synthesis" or "Wave-table Modification."
Step 1: Noise burst
generated and put into the circuit
Step 2: Sound-wave is split in half via a delay-line (which is a filter whose characteristics dictate the harmonic structure of the tone). Delay is represented by Z^-1
Step 3: Original sound-wave added together with delayed sound-wave
Step 4: Filtered sound mixed back into output and once again the cycle continues...
Plethora of other instruments
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