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VJ Jones

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of EDDYSTONE NEWS

Computer News
We have a very full "G" drive which I know is very frustrating at times. We also operate a hotdesk system at most locations and this can add some issues. The advice that I have been given is that working from a shared drive is a much more efficient way to work as unlike individual profiles the shared drive is constantly live and up to date.....So we have created the "S" drive, which is like the "G" drive but sparkly and new :). So you will find a master staff folder and inside, a folder with your name on it. If from now on you save your work in that folder instead of your documents this should resolve many of the issues. Please only save work within files in your own folders and do not create any new master folders if you require a new master folder email Vannessa. Over the next few weeks you will notice information being transfered to the "S" drive such as policies and procedures and useful forms. Any questions please ask Vannessa.
Staying With Technology.......
We have bought some more tablets! With many of you working in the community and across the Eddystone patch, we recognise that your technology needs to be more mobile. The Microsoft Surface is a cross between a laptop and a tablet. It's light and comes with a magnetically attached cover which is also a keyboard. It will feel familiar with Microsoft Office and apps, one of which will take you straight to your remote desktop. Alongside these we have secured new mobile phones that will include a tethering tarrif that will allow you to connect to the internet whilst on the move. Set up and training is on the way so they will be with you very soon.
Redlake from the carpark
Training room at Redlake
Information standard certificate achieved
So communication....................
a waste of time?
Feedback to Vannessa please
Your On-Line Communication
Welcome to EDDY News
We are scattered across the "patch" and we all get to know stuff at different times so we have created this communication tool to help keep you all informed. If you have anything you would like to share in the future, then send it to Vannessa :)
Duty Worker
The Duty Worker System is being reviewed. There is a new recording system almost ready to go (being tested as you read this)....which will be much easier to log and monitor. Idealy we would have a meeting with all the Duty Workers, however that is proving somewhat difficult......so if you don't mind we would like to ask if all Duty Workers could feedback what works for you and what doesn't then email it to Vannessa please. Thank you.
Learning Disability Resource
Our Sue Holmes and Angie Wake from the Plymouth Community Healthcare Contraception Service have been working in partnership with Plymouth Highbury Trust and The Michael Batt Foundation to create a fantastic new resource - an easy-read guide to methods of contraception and sexual health. This has been created for people who have a learning disability.
The guide, with information shown mostly as pictures, has been developed for those working with people who have a learning disability to help initial discussions. There have been several launch dates over March which have been well attended.

Eddystone Community Interest Company
The CIC is progressing and has an interim board consisting of Mags, Jan and Vannessa, who are meeting weekly. They have secured a 12 month lease at Redlake Industrial Estate, Bittaford, Ivybridge for the purpose of conducting a feasibility study and to look into funding. They are currently working in partnerships with Plymouth University and South Devon College to look at business ideas....... watch this space!
As you all know Eddystone has arrived! I know you will join us in extending a welcome to Jonathan our colleague in Gloucestershire. There have been some stories in the local Gloucestershire press that services are about to come to an end.....we are receiving some telephone calls, so please be aware. Sarah has circulated the staff briefing sheet so please make sure you have read it and that you follow the guidelines. if you don't know the answers or are not confident dealing with the call, please take a number and the management team will arrange a call back.
Pride & Respect Events Calendar
EXETER ...............................10th May
GLOUCESTERSHIRE............14th June
BRISTOL..............................12th July
PLYMOUTH.........................9th August
WESTON SUPER MARE.......16th August
CORNWALL.........................23rd August
RIVIERA...............................24th August
TOTNES................................6th September
EXETER RESPECT ................31st May/ 1st
PLYMOUTH RESPECT..........11&12 October

We would like to have representation at all these events. If you would be available to attend any of them please register your name on the events sign up table which you can find on the "S" drive in the folder called Event Planning
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