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Technology Plan Presentation WILBERT

No description

Dawn Wilbert

on 4 March 2017

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Transcript of Technology Plan Presentation WILBERT

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Target Audience
Background and Environment
Target Audience
Project Plan
Traveling Library Technology Lab for
Rural Communities

Presented by
Kayleen Cox, Jacqueline Gonzales, Pumue Hoveka, and Dawn Wilbert

Lessons Learned
Future Planning
Staff and Training
Security and Support
Goal 1:
Create a committee & find funding
Objective 1:
In the first 6 months, each committee member will survey their community to assess needs, ICT skills, and interest in different technologies.
Nominate committee members
Hold monthly meetings for planning purposes
Conduct a needs assessment
Propose an ICT "wish list" and find opportunities to try technologies
Objective 2:
Create ICT plan focusing on needs, proposed technology purchases, and funding opportunities.
Assess technologies needed to serve larger community
Prioritize purchasing
Create budget to cover most urgent needs
Research grant opportunities
Apply to grants and raise money
Evaluation Criteria
Goal 2:
Goal 3:
Implement fully functional ICT lab
Evaluate success and possible upgrades
Evaluation Criteria
Objective 2:
Prepare for the launch of the ICT lab.
Train new employee - CDL license, technology literacy deficits
Create lesson plans for ICT classes
Training day to "test run" plans
Feedback and improve plans
Launch lab with "sneak peak" to gain interest
Objective 1:
Purchase necessary equipment and hire personnel for traveling lab.
Purchase transportation device to fit at least 15 patrons
Contract with business to retrofit and modify vehicle for classes
Interview and hire best candidate
Purchase prioritized technology
Objective 1:
Presentation on lab successes and needs.
Gather and organize statistics for report
Create technology presentation
Submit proposal and presentation for approval
Objective 2:
Plan to purchase new equipment to address more needs in the outlying communities
Research grants and more funding opportunities
Revisit existing technologies
Evaluation Criteria
Traveling Technology Lab Technician
Description and Duties
Transporting and maintaining lab
Technology classes
Collaborate with librarians/special guests to create programs to address needs
Assist patrons to get the most out of lab
Upkeep technology
Become an "expert" on traveling technology
Troubleshooting problems
Log borrowed material
Log patron visits
The goal for safety and security is to provide a reliant and secure program within areas for recreational and/or learning-based classes that are technology driven. Above all, we want to be known for offering a welcome, safe, secure, and inviting experience.
Employee Objectives
To understand the importance of safety and security.
Learning to identify safety and security risks that can be detrimental to the safety and/or security of employees, property items of NEWS, and patrons.
Learning how to properly report safety and security issues before it is too late.
Being able to evaluate a safety and security risk while aiding in the future endeavors of NEWS.
Providing a safe, welcome, and inviting environment.
Objective 1
Objective 2
Objective 3
Objective 4
Objective 5
Activity 1
Installing, updating, and maintaining all software used.

This will include firewall, software, and virus protection.

We will be using ZoneAlarm by Checkpoint for our Firewall and Software Protection, and McAfee Endpoint Essential for Small Business for virus protection.

Activity 2
Keeping Inventory and setting up at different sites.

This will include:
A detailed log will be kept daily. The worker will have to count inventory at the start of the day, before breaks and lunch, and at the end of the day.

Learning to secure appropriate electric energy and wifi connection from a nearby establishment.

Preparing programs and software for class sessions.

Providing technical support when needed.
Activity 3
Activity 4
Maintaining a daily safety and security log in addition to gas and maintenance log.

A monthly summary will be e-mailed to the direct supervisor.
Activity 5
Creating a script to follow when addressing any safety and security issues.

Often the NEWS employee will have to be the main voice for the program, so creating a script to follow and use is important.

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Compiling a list of safety and security rules for patrons to follow.

This will closely be related to the security and safety of all within the vehicle, and will be provided to those prior to rental, and those who simply inquire.

Examples will include:

Providing times of operation and a calendar of where we will be next.

Providing log-in instructions at each station.

Setting basic rules for patrons to follow like no food, no loud music, no talking loudly on your phone, etc...

Activity 6
Annual training and certification for Human Resource requirements.

Annual CPR and AED training.
Annual Sexual Harassment and Discrimination training.

We feel it is very important that every employee be well versed when it comes to identifying these issues.
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities
High school diploma/equivalent, higher education preferred
Willing to travel, hold or obtain CDL license
Forward thinking, able to collaborate, self-motivated
Teaching experience preferred
Desire to help close digital divide and interact with patrons
Training Plan
CDL training resources

ALA website

Online training guides
Microsoft specific products

Apple products

Disabilities and Impairments


Technology forums and library websites

County Population 60,000
Poverty Level 10%
Current & Advanced Technologies
Google Docs
Hardware Subtotal $67,300
Software Subtotal $4700
Network Equipment subtotal $10000
Technical Staffing subtotal $150,000
Training subtotal $50000
Subtotal $53200

Funding Sources and Projected Income
Rural Libraries Technology Contributions $5,000
Rural Library Salary Contributions $37,000
Rural Library Creative Space Grant $8,000
Rural Library Technology Grant $15,000
Others $270,000
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