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Fransico Vaquez de Corondao

Wanted to conquer the mythical cities of gold

Dustin Stainaback

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Fransico Vaquez de Corondao

Francisco Vaquez de Coronado Francisco was born in Salamanca, Spain, in 1510 he was the second son of Juan Vaquez de Coronado y Sosa de Ulloa.Francisco was a little man he enhareted nothing no wealth ,and no estate Francisco wanted to find fortune in the new world.He went to new spain well thats what they called in but it was actuality mexico. After he was married to Marina Flores Gutiérrez de la Caballería that was from a converso Jewish family he inherited alot of estate Francisco was a governor of the kingdom of Nueva GaliciaIn 1539, he dispatched Friar Marcos de Niza and Estevanico, more properly known as Estevan, the diminutive for being a spanish nickname. In fall 1539, Viceroy Mendoza ordered Melchior Dina the commander of San Miguel de Culiacán, to go and investegate Friar de Nazi s findings. On November 15, Diaz had departed
on the trail of Cíbola, with fifteen horsemen. When the got close to where they were going they had to turn back cause the harsh winds where to strong for the horses to handle.Diaz encountered Coronado before he had departed San Miguel de Culiacán, aftr a few days he went back and found a fortune When the winter was over Francisco returned to New Mexico badly injured from falling of his horse the expedition ended in about 1542 when he died off infection on July 21, 1554 this video will tell things that he did and found in his adventures. His Legacy They had a area around his castle in his visit in1541. The land was for camping and hiking to go see the castle and all its insides.From this day forth people will still remember Francisco Vaquez The Spanish Explorer In 1952 a memorial for Coronado was put up in memory of his adventure and wealth They made a movie about his Indiana Jones the lost crusade. They wanted to make something similar to learn about his adventure.
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